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Mar 2, 2007 09:34 AM

International High End Grocery Stores?? Where do you shop?

I am doing a project at school on high end grocery stores and I am looking for information on international specialty food stores/organic stores/gourmet grocers. For example, I lived in Hong Kong for a while and Taste and Great Food Hall are examples of places I'm looking for. In the US I would classify Whole Foods and maybe Trader Joes. In Canada, (specifically in Toronto) I would say Pussetari's, and Whole Foods. I have no information on European countries, Asia Pacific countries- Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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  1. What about Dean and Deluca in the US?
    In Paris, you can count "La Grande Epicerie" (of Le Bon Marché) and "Lafayette Gourmet". Maybe Fauchon and Hédiard may be stated as well.

      1. re: Gio

        In London, Harrod's Food Hall, definitely qualifies. Also, Fortnum & Mason.

        In New York, add Zabar's to the list.

        You didn't say what exactly is the focus of your paper, but if you'd like to look at a local gourmet chain that recently failed, try Larry's Markets in Seattle. When they started, they were the only game in town for high-end brands and specialty items. Competition from specialty stores and other upmarket grocery chains like Whole Foods and Metropolitan Markets just seemed to sneak up on them, and they didn't keep their edge. They went bankrupt and sold off the stores (several to Metropolitan Markets, others to chains with an ethnic focus more appropriate to their changing neighborhoods) last year. Seattle is full of foodies, but somehow Larry's just missed the boat in keeping their business.

      2. KaDeWe or Kaufhof des Westens in Berlin

          1. i'd disagree about trader joe's. one of their marketing tenets is rock bottom prices.