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Best Pizza in PDX

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Hi all,

In town for the weekend from LA. Any reccomendations?


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  1. I like Hot Lips Pizza the best,

    then there is Apizza Scholls many people love

    if you want a unique Portland atmosphere go to Old Town Pizza, I always have a good
    time there. :)

    1. I am still looking for good pizza in Portland, so far Apizza Scholls seems to be the winner.

      1. There are four places of note:

        Apizza Scholls is the best.

        Hot Lips is great for slice, and is convenient with many locations. There commitment to sustainability is impressive.

        Kens Artisan is great too, as is Nostrana. A little more formal, and the pizzas are the individual model.

          1. I agree that Apizza Scholls is the best. However, Nostrana and Ken's Artisan are darn good as well. All three use hot ovens (the latter two using actual wood burning ovens), make doughs that have flavor, and use quality ingredients. Hot Lips is worthwhile if you need it delivered or just a slice, but it's not in the same league as these three.

            1. Ken's Artisan is outstanding. 15,000 clay oven from France. Also try the roast vegie plate & gelato.

              Try a slice of Hot Lips as a backup or contrast. They take pride in using lots of local (often organic) ingredients, and make their own sodas.

              Old Town Pizza was top of the heap in PDX around, say, 1976. While they haven't changed a bit, the rest of the pack has advanced light years.