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romantic sushi places in LA

Any rec's for intimate ambiance/patio/candlelit type sushi places in la or w. la? So far, someone has suggested zip fusion in little tokyo for their outside patio.

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  1. Nishimura in West Hollywood would be my pick (across from the PDC on Melrose).

    1. I think the food at Zip is sooo bad. Would not be worth the ambience to me. What about the Hump?

      1. How about Wa Sushi and Bistro? In addition to a nice view, the food is really good!

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          yes, the view at wa is good, but the actual ambience is lacking...

        2. How about the Hump at the Santa Monica Airport?

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            Oh, absolutely! The Hump is very romantic and the sushi is wonderful.

          2. Funny how infrequently good ambiance and good sushi have gone together in my experience. Nozawa in Studio City is my all-time fave but basically anti-ambiance. Had a delicious and innovative-wthout-losing-the-plot sushi dinner at Wa Sushi and Bistro on La Cienaga and Holloway -- but ambiance only a 6/10. Not a big Matsuhisa fan ambiance or meal-wise. The most ambiance-oriented place I've been in the area is Sushi Roku -- but have had mixed experiences with the sushi -- sometimes tastey othertimes disconcertingly flavorless. But nice lighting, decent selection of sakis and a place where you can relax and linger over an intimate meal.

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              roku depends on the location. there's nothing romantic about eating bad fish...which has been my experience on more than one occasion at the santa monica location.

              the bev. center/weho location has better food, but the only romantic spot there might be on the patio.

            2. How about Yamashiro -- the food may be a tad overpriced, but the view is unbeatable. Very, very romantic.

              1. Guess it depends on what you mean by "romantic"; (can't recall seeing "candlelight" sushi or patio sushi), but if clean cool quiet japanese modernism floats your, or your s/o's, boat, Tama or Takumi may fill the bill nicely.

                1. maybe I should have said intimate and conducive to nice conversation instead of romantic. These are all great suggestions. I was hoping to find a place with calm cozy ambiance not hip/loud music/early 20's with over-styled hair, etc. yamashiro is great and famous, but unfortunately, I've been there with others, and most likely so has she! something off the beaten path and memorable. thanks.

                  1. I go to R-23 when I want an elegant, romantic atmosphere with good (and sometimes excellent) sushi. my parents celebrated their anniversary there earlier this year and they loved it.
                    (it's on 2nd st. in little tokyo/downtown LA; don't be fooled by the exterior, because it's much prettier on the inside!)

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                      R-23 is my pick too. I love the food-crab salad is so good as well as the fresh scallops. The owner is very nice. I like the hipness-artists, designers, etc., NOT celubutards. The cardboard chairs are fun too! Atmosphere is relaxed, intimate, etc. and can be romantic if you are....memorable certainly.

                    2. As noted elsewhere on the board, the presiding chef as Takumi is Hiro, whose taste in music runs, apparently, to early John Coltrane and Blue Note Records, with an occasional jazz vocalist thrown into the mix. Hip, not "hip".

                      1. R-23 is a very good suggestion. It has a bit of a hipster edge to it, but also is dimly lit and condusive to romance.

                        I was once taken on a date to Zip Fusion and can confirm that it has a very pretty patio and on setting alone, it was a good place for a date. Too bad the food isn't better.

                        Another place with a nice patio is Yabu, on La Cienega. It's not strictly a sushi place, but the food is good.

                        (310) 854-0400
                        521 N La Cienega Blvd
                        West Hollywood, CA 90048

                        1. Depends on your price range.

                          Expensive - For great sushi, nice romantic atmosphere, you can sit in the tent @ Nobu of Malibu.

                          Heard from a friend - Kaya Sushi in Marina Del Rey - is a great date place with a nice ambiance.

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                            unless they remodeled in the last few years, i would disagree.
                            i used to go there with my kid when she was in grade school and middle school. rarely was she the only child in the place.
                            also, there were very few 'booth-type' tables, and, to me a table floating in the middle of the room is not conducive to conversation.

                          2. Any opinions on Hadaka (on Sunset)? the reviews on Citysearch were so effusive that I'm a little suspicious they were written by friends of the owner or something. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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