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Mar 2, 2007 08:52 AM

Sushi Zo Patrons!

DH and I went to Sushi Zo last week and had a phenomenal experience. Every piece of fish was simply divine. However, I have a quick question for those of you who have been there before. Have you ever been able to leave with an itemized receipt? I asked 2 of the servers for one and neither seem to understand what I was saying. I was even willing to do a quick hand copy of the bill myself but they wouldn't allow it. Is the credit card receipt all I'm ever going to get from that place? Thanks!

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  1. i have never been given an itemized receipt, nor have i asked for one.
    i've always felt that for the quality and quantity of the food received, the charges have been more than fair.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      I definitely wasn't insinuating that the charges weren't fair or accurate. I'm just asking because if I ever entertain a business client there, I would need an itemize receipt to get reimbursed.

    2. "More than fair?" Fair maybe, more than fair? I think not. Several posters have commented on the high prices at Sushi Zo for what you get, including in comparison to other restaurants at similar or higher levels. It may be good, but it's no bargain. And while I haven't looked into it, I'd be surprised if not being willing to give an itemized receipt is illegal -- in any case it is a poor business practice.

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      1. re: jcwla

        I second your comment, sir.

        I've been to most of the best sushi bars in LA, and I think Sushi Zo must rank among the most expensive of them all. However, the quality was outstanding.

        My only complaint was I thought some of the sauces (esp. for the baby squid and amber jack) were overpowering the main ingredient's flavor.

        (I was just there two days ago, on this board's recommendation. Unfortunately I didn't know they only served sushi, and my father doesn't like sushi at all. We ended up going to Sapori in Marina Del Rey for "second dinner" and dessert. That was quite a night of eating!)

      2. The closest to itemized is that sushi menu Keizo uses to keep track of what was served to you.

        1. Do you mean an itemized receipt to keep for your records or just at least see the itemizations.

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          1. re: kevin

            Too keep for my records. When I got the bill I was shown the list that Keizo-san jots down, but the restaurant keeps that copy for itself.

            1. re: chickster

              that's with every sushi restaurant, i've never taken the itemized bill home. because after they place it on the table, and you pay the bill, they take that paper away for their own records.

              1. re: kevin

                Perhaps you could explain you need a copy for business purposes and take a photo of it? I assume they won't have a copy machine around, and it would take too long to hand copy it.