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Your Spring drinking preferences

SPring is around the corner, lamb, ramps and asparagus will soon be on our plates and the weather will be getting warmer.Not only do i tend to eat seasonally but i tend to drink seasonally as well. As the weather warms and people celebrate which ever spring rebirth ritual they follow my beer drinking shifts from Heavy Stouts, Barley wines and strong Belgians to Bocks, Dry stouts and swartzbiers. What styles(beers) do you enjoy during spring. I am looking for new ideas.

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  1. Bocks, Wits, Fruit beers, lambics (with easter brunch..sort of a bad pun, really) Geueze (sp?), American Wheats and any Italian beers. Don't know why ANY italian works. I just do.

    1. apricot wheats, wit style microbrews (if i can find any) more micro brown ales (if i can find any).

      basically, i'm not much of a heavy stout, barley wine or strong belgian drinker to begin with so it's not much of a change for me.

      1. In warmer weather I like white beer -
        1) Boreal Blanche
        2) Belgian white beer, such as Hoegaarden
        3) Blanche de Chambly

        1. The warmer it gets, the more pilsners, pale ales, and kolsch beers I'll drink. I like porters and stouts when it's cold. And if I'm actually on the water (ocean or river) on a hot day, I'm not above a cheap mass-produced beer that is mostly water.

            1. To be completely honest my choice in drink isn't dictated by season (although I will have more gin & tonics as the temperature rises). Samichlaus was served at Ludwig's Garten in Philly a few years ago from January to March to June to September to January and I drank it throughout. For some reason I do tend to drink more Pils as football season arrives. I guess because beer is served cold it doesn't matter when I drink it. I do drink less whisky as summer approaches though.

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                Totally agree with G&Ts in summer!

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                  One of my favorite hot-weather drinks (apart from G&T of course) is white tequila, honey, and key lime juice on the rocks.

              2. When it starts to get warm I have a decided preference for wheat beers (of which there are quite a few good ones) and well made fruit-infused beers (of which there aren't alot). The rest of the year (including early Spring), I will drink about anything that's well-made (IPAs, barleywines, stouts, porters, u-name-it).

                1. Most breweries' spring and summer seasonals are my least favorites. Well, the summer ones, at least. Some brewers crank out a nice double bock (SA Double Bock, Victory's St. Victorious, etc.) or even a barley wine (SN Bigfoot, Victory Old Horizontal, etc.) for the spring, which certainly appeals to me. Honestly, though, I was drinking bombers of Smuttynose Imperial Stout all last summer, so weather has little to do with my taste in beer. Basically, if it's fresh (or has aged nicely), then I'm drinking it.