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chunks of tuna steak--how to cook

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I just bought a pound of cut up tuna steak. It's raw. They are in chunks of about 1.5inches. I was thinking of rolling in evoo and then some herbs and searing the pieces to use later for tuna salad. How long should I cook the pieces for?

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  1. I dunno about that, but I just saw the take home chef do chunks a little smaller than that in lemon juice and stuff as a ceviche. Sounded yummy!

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      marinate 5 minutes—skewer—grill 2 min. each side

    2. With chunks that small, I wouldn't cook them more than 30 seconds per side.
      Do you want them fully cooked, or still a bit pink in the middle?

      1. I'd make some sushi rice and go for it.

        1. Gordon Ramsay's method for testing doneness: it if feels like your cheek when you poke it, its rare; if like your chin, medium; if like your forehead, well done. It works.

          1. The recipe linked below for Tuna Sates with Wasabi Mayonnaise is absolutely fantastic and super-simple. It would be the perfect thing to do with your cubed tuna.


            1. I love using whole rosemary sprigs as skewers. Beautiful presentaton, and the meat really absorbs the flavor. add olive oil, salt & pepper and grill.

              1. If you let the chunks sit in the oil and herbs (and I'd add salt) for an hour or so at room temp, they're almost bulletproof however you cook them. I'd prefer them sautéed rather than grilled, just to get a nice crunchy edge, and I would follow the advice from Gordon Ramsay mentioned above, but if you miss it a bit one on either the rare side or the done side it's not a disaster, 'cause it's gonna be drop-dead delicious anyway it comes out.

                FWIW, the time rule (10 minutes per inch of thickness for well done) applies no matter what size the pieces are, but if they're more or less cubes and you're cooking them on all six sides you might shorten it a bit. Anyway, if it's good fish, just a healthy surface sear is all you need.

                1. I saw chunks of tuna at my fish market like this for about 1/3 the price of the whole steaks. Thanks for the ideas, especially the thoughts about skewers. This will be my weekend experiment.