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Mar 2, 2007 08:19 AM

chunks of tuna steak--how to cook

I just bought a pound of cut up tuna steak. It's raw. They are in chunks of about 1.5inches. I was thinking of rolling in evoo and then some herbs and searing the pieces to use later for tuna salad. How long should I cook the pieces for?

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  1. I dunno about that, but I just saw the take home chef do chunks a little smaller than that in lemon juice and stuff as a ceviche. Sounded yummy!

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      marinate 5 minutes—skewer—grill 2 min. each side

    2. With chunks that small, I wouldn't cook them more than 30 seconds per side.
      Do you want them fully cooked, or still a bit pink in the middle?

      1. I'd make some sushi rice and go for it.

        1. Gordon Ramsay's method for testing doneness: it if feels like your cheek when you poke it, its rare; if like your chin, medium; if like your forehead, well done. It works.

          1. The recipe linked below for Tuna Sates with Wasabi Mayonnaise is absolutely fantastic and super-simple. It would be the perfect thing to do with your cubed tuna.