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Mar 2, 2007 08:08 AM

Source for Meyer Lemons

I'm looking to make preserved lemons and the recipe calls for Meyer Lemons.

I've checked some of the locations mentioned in provious posts (last year) but they don't seem to be in stock.

Does anyone know of a store downtown or in the east end that currently stocks Meyer Lemons? (are they in season now?). Thanks

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  1. Actually, I have come across Meyer lemons in droves this past week. Even at Dominion (Front St Market), Loblaws (Queens Quay) and also at the St Lawrence Market fruit stands.

    1. Whole Foods at Hazelton usually has them

      1. I have seen them in a few Loblaws over the past few weeks.

        1. I found some really great Meyer lemons at the Big Carrot on Danforth. I also found some very interesting "sweet limes" that look like a cross between a lemon (colour) and an orange (shape/size).

          1. Saw Meyer Lemons and Key Limes and the Leslie/Lakeshore Loblaws 2 weeks ago.