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Mar 2, 2007 07:54 AM

Bouchon or Redd

I would like to take a good friend up to Napa/Yountville for her birthday and am looking for a good restaurant around Yountville. I've read a lot about Bouchon and Redd. Both sound great...does anyone have an opinion? We are looking for great food and a great wine list. Also, I heard that Redd can be quite noisy....this is a concern, because we'd also like to have a conversation while eating.

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  1. Pilar.

    Okay, between the two, I'd go to Bouchon. But between the three, I'd go to Pilar first...

    1. Redd is excellent and the cuisine refreshing. It can be lively but you are able to have a conversation.

      1. You can't go wrong with either Redd or Bouchon. I like the bistro-type intimacy of Bouchon,
        but found when seated at the banquette tables against the wall, it was sometimes difficult
        to hear my dining companion (this drives me nuts) but I could hear the folks talking on either side of me. Other tables in the restaurant are fine. I like the ones under the painting in the
        back. Redd is bright acoustically, but I've had wonderful meals there, and have been able
        to have good conversations.

        I know Carrie 218 is a huge fan of Pilar but I do not care for it at all.

        1. Redd hands down. Amazing food. In my opinion, Richard Reddington is one of the finest chefs in the Bay Area. His dishes are a wonderful balance, of classic, innovative, seasonal, and complex. The layers of flavor make it a perfect match for many types of exciting wine. Explore and indulge in their wine book.

          As for the noise, they recently closed their doors for a couple of weeks to add sound barriers to the dining room. The addition was very successful making the dining room much more conversation friendly. Moreover, when it is noisy, it is only because they are always busy....not a common thing for napa valley restaurants in the off season.

          1. It's a toss-up; my preference is for Bouchon, but I doubt you'll go wrong either way.