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Mason City, IA

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Spending a weekend in Mason City next month for a wedding and need to eat steak. Anyone have any good recommendations?

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  1. Northwestern steakhouse you can check website.

    1. Second the Northwestern. The Colony Inn in Ventura, a 15 minute drive, also has good food.

      1. NORTHWESTERN STEAK HOUSE!!! Without question, the best.

        1. I've been to the Kansas City Steak House - great steak with a Greek twist. Very good!

          1. That's interesting, because the Northwestern Steakhouse website says the same thing!


            1. I just ate at the Northwestern Steakhouse, and it was outstanding. If you arrive after 5pm, expect a long wait. We were at the back of the line when they opened at 5 and it was over an hour before we were seated, but they've opened a lounge upstairs where we had a couple of beers and played gin and the time flew by.

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                Northwestern Steakhouse was a wonderful experience. Their tender and well executed steaks are similar to steak de Burgos with Greek instead of Italian seasonings. House Greek salad was simple, but delicious. Waitstaff was very friendly, as well. Also, very reasonable- wine and steak cooked at home would have cost nearly the same. Also, highly recommend the spaghetti, coated w/ parm and steak seasoning/ oil as a side. Gets very crowded (only about 6 booths and one party room), but one can call ahead, and get on the "list" and as Chuckkcmo mentioned, they have an upstairs room for drinks only- no food. Also, features a real limited menu, but hey- it's a real old steakhouse in a real cool building in a residential area.