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Mar 2, 2007 07:38 AM

A la carte breakfasts in Portland--new trend?

I must be totally out of the loop but the last two breakfast places I tried in Portland the breakfast items were all a la carte. Like 2 eggs $5, hash browns $4 etc. I had a pretty mediocre breakfast on Alberta for $12.50. By the way, what are some good breakfast places in Portland?

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  1. I haven't had a problem of only a la carte breakfastes being available but then I don't go out to breakfast that often...
    my fav breakfast places are Marco's Cafe, Cameo Cafe and The Original Pancake House
    OPH has a long wait sometimes 1-2 hour, especially on the weekends or father/mother's day. It is a chain that originated here..I love it and have been eating at the OPH since I was a kid.

    1. Mothers on 2nd & Stark
      Red Star Tavern & Grill
      Fullers on NW 9th & Davis ( sounds more like what you might be looking for)
      Byways on NW Glisan & 12th..( also more like what you might want)

      1. Simpatica (only open on Sunday, but it is the best in town), SE Ash bet. 8th and 9th
        Genie's, SE 11th and Division (best breakfast potatoes in town)
        J&M Cafe, SE Ash and 5th

        I like OPH too, once or twice a year (because I get there around 7/7:30am to avoid the wait ;o). It's expensive but the portions are huge.

        I used to like Zell's (SE Morrison and 13th) but I haven't been in a while and I hear it has changed hands and slipped a bit.

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          I know the former owner of Zells, (Judy) and she makes great food! Her husband owns a neighborhood tavern I go to, they both make really good Chicago food (their hometown) for some Bears and Cubs games. Oh and they sometime serve her meatloaf for sandwiches omg, it is soooo good.

          I haven't been to Zells since Judy sold it but I know she stayed on for like a year to help train the new owner. Hopefully the new owner will be able to continue serving good good food.

        2. I've been eating a lot of breakfast (for me) lately and I haven't noticed that yet. By far the best two breakfast places I've tried so far are Simpatica (as Jill notes, on Sundays only) and Genie's. I'd also recommend Helser's for a place that does breakfast all the time. Daily Cafe in NW can be good, too. Run -- quickly -- from Cameo, Bread & Ink, and Cup & Saucer.

          1. Speaking of Genies... I fell in love with the hot sauce they have on the table. I think the bottle said Ardvaark? Made in Portland? Anyway, I can't find any mention on the net and I'd love to buy some so if any of you Genies fans know about this sauce or where it can be bought retail I'd much appreciate it.

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              This came up local message board. Their website is:


              They're sold at some New Seasons. They're on the tables of several local breakfast places. I agree. They are excellent.