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Mar 2, 2007 07:32 AM

Olive Oil Name Your Favourite

After reading that the Barefoot Contessa uses "Oilo Santo" on her cooking show..I wanted to give it a try..I found it at Williams Sonoma here in's a good choice for me. What's yours?? I would like to give something else a try for everyday cooking.

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  1. If I'm heating or sauteing with the oil I use a regular brand like Colavita. If I'm using it as a dressing or not heated I use Montenidoli.

    1. flipkeat,

      I used to think all olive oils were the same. At Williams Sonoma, they have an olive oil tasting bar. I suggest going there and trying as many od the olive oils as you can. I couldn't beleive the difference in flavors between the choices. I think you'll find out pretty quickly which ones appeal to your palette.

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        Thanks for reminding me about that...You're time I'm in there I'll try a few.

      2. i'm a big fan of morgenster out of south africa.

        1. There's a Moroccan olive oil that I can't quite recall the brand name. It's two words, and I think they both start with M, mahjoub is one of them? Anyway, it's fabulous, or was a few years ago when I tasted it. I've been unable to find it in date here in KS. Only Dean and Deluca carries it, and the bottles they have are very near out of date, so I'm reluctant to spend $25 for around 8 ounces.

          ETA: I found it online, and it's Tunisian, Moulins Mahjoub.

          1. I'm not sure how widely available this is outside of Greek-oriented stores/neighborhoods, but there's an organic Greek olive oil called "Bio-Sita" that is one of the tastiest I've found. It's about $8 for a sizeable bottle, and works well both raw and in cooking.