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Mar 2, 2007 06:55 AM

Chinese Bakery?

I know this is a long shot... I'm trying to find a chinese bakery ANYWHERE in AZ... I'm from San Francisco and there was one on every other street, however I can't find a single one here... Finally decided to ask for help...

Anyone know of any?


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  1. Might want to check out Ranch 99 in the Chinese Cultural Center (44th St/Van Buren)...I've been there on the weekends when they're making savory pastries outside filled with black bean paste, etc. Not sure if there's just a bakery in the complex, however.

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      I'm willing to try anything! I've just been really wanting a cocktail bun... pregnant craving... sorry :)

      Do they make them during the week too, or just weekends?

      1. re: paurwheels

        they bake all week long. They've certainly got enough stuff to assauge a craving. Every once in a while I can't think without some red bean paste. Their steamed buns are kept warm and are pretty decent for a grocery store.

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          Hi there (me too I love cocktail buns and there is one bakery St Honore in Sydney Chinatown that makes one of the best so far). I did look up recipes online to see if I can make my own today and found your post after coming across two recipes that seem ok. These have not been tested by myself.
          I would go with the one that appeals to your sense. Usually for things like fillings (if they differ slightly) I usually combine bits of the two recipes to something that appeals to me. So here are the two recipes I am happy to try:

          All the best enjoy

      2. azhotdish they make moon cakes?

        We used to buy moon cakes and hot custard buns @ the Hing Shing Bakery in China Town in Boston.....

        1. There is a Japanese bakery next to the Japanese market on the SE corner of University and Priest (I believe). Not Chinese, but something if you're looking for Asian pastries. Haven't been there in a few months, however, so I'd check on it first (Arai Bakery, if I remember correctly).

          1. The few times I've been there on weekends they had someone selling something like 2 for $1 near the front entrance. But let me's a GROCERY store, not a bakery, so no idea what they regularly stock.

            1. I THINK there is one on 16th Street and Bethany... Asahi or something? I pass by it a lot, never gone in.

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                Yup. Asahi Bakery. I passed by it last Saturday. 6056 North 16th Street, but I haven't a clue as to what they serve or how it is.