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Mar 2, 2007 06:49 AM

Orlando Industry Magazine Event Tonight

It is at the Orlando Histroy Center tonight.

It's all fine wine and food

Anyone know anything about it OR going?

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  1. It is tonight, Saturday, not Friday -- at least accoriding to the only reliable source I heard about it from.

    Here's the quote lifted from Sentinel Food Editor Heather McPherson's Wednesday column -- buried at the bottom.

    "Put on your party hat. Saturday's Dining Industry Gala at the Orange County History Center is a new bash on the social scene that is promising celebs, food and fun to benefit the Orlando Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

    The event, which starts at 6 p.m., will include appearances by Padma Lakshmi of Bravo's Top Chef and Bethenny Frankel of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. The evening will include entertainment, a fashion show emceed by Uli Herzner of Bravo's Project Runway, and a Top Chef-style competition with students from the Orlando Culinary Academy. Tickets are $65 and can be purchased by calling 407-447-0785 or online at A limited number of tickets will be available at the door."

    The organizers, associated with Industry magazine I assume, made several tactical errors in planning what looks like it might be a fun event.

    The booked it the same night as Cystic Fibrosis' own food-related event at Baldwin Park.
    The booked it the night after United Way's Chef's Gala at Disney (Most foodies can't afford to spring for two such events back to back).

    Some of their materials apparently said it was Friday nite. That was the predominant impression among those people I spoke to about it.

    They didn't tall anyone -- or at least the right people -- about it until too late. I knew nothing about it until reading it in Wednesday's paper and I got one lame email Friday from someone looking for coverage -- in our weekly paper that published the same day.

    It sounds like a fun event. Hopefully they will learn and grow next year.

    In the meantime, I am researching the Florida Film Festivals foray into food schedule for next month. There are a ton of events that include, among others, authors Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) and Bill Buford (Heat).


    1. My abject apologies to anyone to reacted to the earlier post. I am now told it WAS on Friday night and the post in the paper was wrong .. .


      1. Hey Bob it was on friday. A Bunch of friends and I went and I have to say that it was a good time. I honestly did not see the host of Top Chef there, perhaps I missed her, but overall a good event that could have been an Awsome one if they had adverstised and got the word out better. Food and Wine was FAR from fine and we did not get to sample the food from the students of orlando culinary acadmy's "top chef" event. But again not a bad event, I hope that they do it again next year with more skill...........

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        1. re: OrlandoChef

          Your opinion seems born out by others. Apparently the Sentinel got the wrong date from their source.

          I'm told the event wa spread over all four floors and there was very little interaction, expecially with the OCA chefs.

          Sat. Night at Baldwin Park was quite good, a bit crazy, mostly because of crappy weather. Some awesome food and drink and well worth the price.

          New chef at Baldwin Steak House is awesome. Got to meet him, he's 23, most recently Salt island, Bice, and Fresh, -- dad is Exec at Peabody. Into Molecular Gastronomy. Maybe got to write about that movement here. Luma into it a bit, so is Blue Zoo. Anyone else you know playing with the nitrogen and dried ice?

          Also, got to get you over to Brix, new bistro at corner of Washington and Rosalind by Lake Eola at the Metropolitian, Your kind of after-shift place.


          1. re: Bob Mervine

            Hey Bob,

            Will have to go check out Brix, I am assuming that it is some sort of Wine Bar with a name like Brix.

            There is so much more to Molecular Gastronomy then Nitrogen and Dry Ice. There were a few sights of it at the competition, but nothing crazy. I have yet to have anything that was even close to real MG here in Orlando. I have eaten at Alinea and that is the real deal, it is a real science that must be completly understood in order to execute it properly and tastefully. I will have to get over to Baldwin Steak House and check it out, but I don't understand how MG fits into a Steakhouse Menu. We shall see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            Have you heard about anything new comming to Orlando?


            1. re: OrlandoChef

              Brix was pretty good for what it is. Great end of the night or start of the night drinks and nibbles, although he had not gotten his liquor license last time I checked, just a nice selection of imports and fairly-priced wines by the glass.

              As for molecular gastronomy, there are a couple of chefs in town playing with it. Brendan McGlamery at Luma, the chef at BlueZoo at the Dolphin. He did a BLT sandwich in a tube for the United Way gala -- Scott Joseph mentioned it in a columm recently -- but they are a;; just playing. There's no market to do any serious MG in Orlando, and by the time there is it was be as tired as Crab Rangoon.

              The new Urbal Life restaurant, Citrus, up on North Orange is opening at the end of the month. that should be pretty special. Mid price point, neighborhood clientele, contemporary regional cuisine. grabbed a chef from Wolfgang's who really gets it.

              Oceanaire out at Pointe Orlando, while a chain, should bring seafood here to a new level. Capital Grille-quality service and food only with seafood instead of steak.

              Jefferey's is coming along. The chef, Corey Fair, is a Texan who worked most recently in Naples. He's taking his time, but they've done wonders with the space and I've had three good dinners there.

              I see Polonia has reopened in Longwood. If you like really authentic Polish food, it's worth the trip.

              Graze is going to open fairly soon. It's in the Sanctuary condo on Pine Street. Supposed to be communal small plate dining . . .they are also opening a kind of industrial-style bar/club/restaurant/liquor store called Lot 101 -- or some other name they like -- in the next 90 days or so.

              There are couple of other things in the wind downtown, but nothing far enough along to talk about yet. By mid-summer or so, I think.


        2. The original comment has been removed