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Mar 2, 2007 06:48 AM

Best bets at Bambara?

Hello everyone,
I'm going to dinner with some friends to Bambara (not my choice of restaurant). After looking online, I'm not too excited about the menu (seems kinda boring), so I wanted to ask the collective CH wisdom for any recs for tasty items on their menu since I can't change the restaurant? I did a search, but there aren't too many recent entries regarding Bambara. Thanks so much!
PS anyone know how to order the search results by date? The old CH board used to have a "sort" function after you did a search...

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  1. Anyone? Or is it really as boring as it seems?

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    1. re: liba123

      Bambara is great! I go every time I'm in Cambridge. The service is fast and friendly. My reccomendations- the steak tartar (off the bar menu) and the halibut.

    2. My husband and I ate at Bambara for the first time last night and were a bit disappointed. I had the tuna tartare appetizer, which is supposed to be one of the best items on the menu, and spent a lot of the time trying to pick out bits of shallot from the tuna because the flavor completely overwhelmed the fish. It was so strong that I had to stop at the CVS in the Galeria on the way home to buy mints to try to erase the taste. Additionally, it was only after we were finished that I realized the menu had listed pine nuts as an ingredient and there weren't any.

      Our Caesar and mixed green salads were just o.k. Generous portions and fresh greens but not very flavorful dressings. My husband's steak frites was cooked as we'd requested but the peppercorn jus somewhat bland.

      The final down note was that we were charged for a glass of wine we'd never ordered.

      As for ambience, this place is loud. We were seated next to a party of nine and the noise level did not drop appreciatively after they left. I think the open space and the thumping music make it a loud space regardless of how many customers are there.