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Mar 2, 2007 06:13 AM

Best seafood in upper keys

We'll be going to the upper keys this weekend for an "anniversary" weekend. Who, in your opinion serves up the best seafood in a great setting? Would love to get some recommendations. Thanks!

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    1. Fish House / Encore: great fish, so-so ambience in KL. Buzzard's Roost: great fish sandwiches for lunch, nice setting Garden Cove, KL. Morada Bay Beach Cafe: very good, awesome setting, esp. for sunsets, Islamorada. Lazy Days: always fresh, awesome view of Alligator Reef light, south Islamorada. Just opened, Green Turtle in Islamorada, had lunch which was very good. Obviously, we live here.

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        Buzzards Roost has changed management. Latest reports are less than stellar.

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          looking for old keys style fish sandwich and bar in Islamorada area

          any good bars within biking from the Islander