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Mar 2, 2007 06:06 AM

Looking for Good Restaurant for a 12-person dinner

Who knows of a restaurant in Downtown DC area with an adjacent room, or some sort of good seating arrangement for dinner for 12 this Monday night? It's for a bunch of family coming in, must be good food, we're not constrained by price. I just wanted something where 12 could somehow talk. Maybe a not-too-noisy environment?

Thanks to all

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  1. Equinox has private rooms as does the Caucus Room, the former is a block from Lafayette Square while the latter is on E Street in the Penn Quarter.

    1. I've also used the private room in the Promenade Restaurant of the Mayflower Hotel several times for board dinners. Good but not great; service was a little lacking this last time. We just order off the menu; decent choices, prices are slightly high but everyone seems to like it.

      1. Red Sage has nice private rooms too.

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            It is???? I work right around the corner and haven't noticed.

            1. re: jenikap

              Yes, a month or two ago. I know a lot of people miss it, to me it's no big loss.

        1. Dino has a great private room upstairs.

          1. You might also want to consider Palettes at The Madison Hotel.