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Mar 2, 2007 06:00 AM

Dine in Brooklyn 2007 Link

A quick scan shows some attractive choices, including Applewood.
From personal experience, beware of DIB hijinx at Stone Park: specify you want the DIB menu when you make your reservation and don't let them sweet-talk you out of it once you are seated. For restaurants that book up quickly, try asking for the DIB menu at the bar. This was a delightful experience for us last year at Applewood, where the bartender took good care of us (do I recall some negative posts about him here recently?) and even gave us the coupon good for a discount on a subsequent dinner.
A common theme here is that many restaurants have normal menus priced around the DIB price (this year, $21.12). Accordingly, you are advised to seek out those restaurants whose prices are normally significantly higher, giving you the opportunity to sample the work of chefs at restaurants you might not normally frequent.

Please share your DIB experiences (reservation travails, menu choices, personal experiences) with other hounds.

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  1. I got a reservation for 2 fri night the 23'd at Applewood--never been--very excited--will report back.

    1. Despite the currently hampered search, I was able to find someone's writeup of their Applewood experience from last year's RW. Bottom line? It was the best of the 5 places they tried. Check it out:

      Keep in mind though, restaurant week is rarely a fair time to judge a restaurant. They're especially busy, have an overly-high percentage of first-time customers, have a number of customers eating out of their comfort zone and probably losing money in the short term to boot.

      Many places handle it with grace and aplomb (Applewood it seems, and all of Danny Meyer's places famously) but many crack under pressure.


      1. It's unclear online, but on the postcard I see that
        Stone Park is only doing the Restaurant Week Menu for LUNCH.

        Which might be worth a visit. I've got Applewood rez...