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Westchester moderate or Low priced good atmosphere

we have plans with a couple who like to drink and eat in fine restaurants. money is not an issue with them. money is DEFINETLY an issue with us, yet we don't want to complain or make an issue out of our low budget. we cannot go to our favorite ethnic dives- not their type or considerations- not foodies- they love places like highly priced Morton's. HELP- any suggestions on how we can both be ok with eating out?I offered to make a wonderful meal here and they want to go out.

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  1. What about Pantanal in Port Chester for rodizio? They can get their steak fix for $21.95 and the huge salad bar is full of familiar foods. You won't go away hungry.

    1. Okay, I realize you are likely splitting the bill and thus even if you and your spouse order conservatively you could be stuck with a hefty tab. So, here are a few suggestions that might satisfy everyone's needs.

      French: Le Provencal: Mamaroneck - - excellent food, nice atmosphere - not as pricey as one might expect.
      Mexican: Sunset Grille in White Plains: Ethnic, but not a dive. Expensive if you look at it compared to New Rochelle places but the food is very good and prices are not outrageous.
      American: Sam's of Gedney Way: Not haute but decent food, comfortable, almost clubby atmosphere
      Meditteranean/Italian/French: Cafe Meze in Hartsdale. Very good food, atmosphere, etc. Many entrees in the $20-$25 range.

      I hope this helps.

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        Le Provencal -- agree.
        Sunset Grille -- also agree.
        Sam's -- again, agree.
        I have not been to Cafe Meze.

        Graziella in White Plains might be a good choice for Italian.

      2. An American Bistro in Tuckahoe has haute to hamburger. I second the idea of Sam's of Gedney Way. They have never once let us down. Ruby's in Rye is another place where you can go from high range to a wonderful burger with the best fries ever.

        1. I guess it would help to know what price point you are looking at. As for Le Provencal, I agree with Laylag, it's not as expensive as one would expect. They have a range of apps in the $10 range and entrees range from 20 to 30. They do have a special of all you can eat mussels that could help save a penny by filling you folks up.

          As for cheaper, I would recommend Cafe Mozart. It's a sandwich and coffee kind of place, but good cafe atmosphere and food. Great deserts and fantastic coffees, which may go a long way in satisfying their taste buds while not draining your wallet.

          1. I am not sure if they are not interested in any ethnic foods or if they are just not interested in ethnic dives...A lot of the moderately priced nice restaurants in Westchester are japanese or Indian food.
            PLaces like Sunset grille-upscale mexican (entrees 14-25) or Zafran (Indian fusiony) or Sazan or Kazu are all great and not expensive. Same with aberdeen.

            You might want to check out either Cafe Mirage in Port Chester, new american with pretty good food and great prices. Its casual but nice atmosphere.

            B4 is an american bistroish type place in Valhalla. Great upscale burgers. I havent been there for a year or two though and supposedly they changed ownership. Cant really recommend it with certainty.

            Unami in Croton (northern Westchester) is eclectic/fusion type food thats supposed to be good and all the entrees are around 12-18.

            Pascals in Larchmont is a great authentic french restaurant with well prepared dishes and nice everything. Sunday-Th there are two and three course meals for either 20 or 25 or 30 I forgot exactly which but I think they were pretty low cause it was really a bargain.

            Then there are a bunch of mid priced italian places that are good like il bacio in bbronxville or la trattoria in New Ro/Scarsdale border.

            good luck

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            1. re: Sambossanova

              thank you for all the suggestions. I will either try the indian suggestions(don't know if they can handle indian) or one of the others. Some of the recs., although cheaper than other westchester goodies, are still going to come out to @ 100.00 per couple once they drink, order full meals,tips, etc.
              That's more than we'd like to spend although we may not be able to get away without it unless we do one of the recs. with burgers(not their type at all.) we've been to many of the other recs. and agree- all good. just not for this couple- will go with someone else.

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                Just went over to the new Acuario Restaurant (peruvian)in Port Chester on Main street. It is beautifully decorated with all types of fish tanks. But the best part is not only is their food great but you can bring your own wine and beer to their place. They are still awaiting on their license. Waitress told me in a few weeks. Hope this helps.

                1. re: sanac

                  Acuario moved to Main Street?

                  More details please!

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                    It is their second location. But its way bigger and prettier than the first.

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                      So Acuario has two branches now... interesting. Same menu? How does the food compare?

            2. It replaced Hakata, the japanese place next to x-s hair salon

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                what was the atmosphere like? are there some non spicy dishes? any fish dishes for me?

              2. Yeah they have your basic grilled chicke with rice and beans or seafood salads.

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                    i dont know if yeshana has tried blue hill but unless you mean the cafe they have at stone barns its one of the priciest dinners in Westchester?!??!

                  2. unfortuantely, the couple has insisted upon a probably ok tasting but not very interesting nor fairly priced choice.acuario's BYOB was unappealing to them!(my favorite is BYOB!) we will be going to tango grill in white plains. i looked at the menu and it is pricey for us but looks ok. i could easily, and do prepare very similar meals at home. oh well, it's just once and i don't have to clean up dinner tonite! ps- the chow reviews are good for tango grill.

                    1. The food is very good there, yeshana, and it is very expensive.

                      Enjoy your dinner.

                      1. Tango Grill has great foo dbut beware it can get VERY expensive. What about Blue in White Plains - I think it is a touch more reasonable...

                        1. we went. too meaty and stuffy atmosphere- people were dressed as if they were going to a fancy wedding(weird and UNCOOL!)
                          bill came to 187.00 each couple too much for my taste and none of us could finish. i had steak and eggs the next morn.
                          ok, our expensive dinner is over- not a bomb- we actually had fun. we'll have to not spend anything out for a few weeks. thanks for all of the recs.!

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                            Yep. Frankly I really hate Tango Grill. Wait the total bill for four was 380!?!?!?! Thats ludicrous. Thats how much like a tasting menus is at Per Se or something. Did you order a $200 wine or something? Anyways, my personal opinion of tango grill is that if it has good steak but if you want good steak just go to a good butcher. Chimichurri sauce isnt that hard to make...

                            Oh and it is way to stuffy and the service was rude to some family friends who werent all dressed up/didnt look stuffy enough.

                            1. re: Sambossanova

                              definetly not a 200 bottle of wine. those are their prices- one bottle and 3 cocktails. wine was lower priced on menu- never again!

                            1. Haiku Asian Bistro in Bronxville is wonderful. A beautiful setting, very clean lines. Food is Asian fusion, service is terrific. A nice experience. Immaculate Sushi bar also.