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Mar 2, 2007 03:09 AM

London in July

I unfortnately haven't been to London in about three years (looking forward to a return this July) and I was wondering what the London Hounds thought of the four following restaurants:

Petrus-I gather a relatively new Ramsey restaurant
Angela Hartnett's-went there on our lisit visit and thought it was superb
Le Gavroche-went there years ago when the two Roux Brothers were running the show and it was very good
The Savoy Grill-again went there years ago but was quite poor-I gather it is now in the Ramsey's stable


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  1. We spent last July in London and really enjoyed Petrus. The staff were delightful and helpful and after lunch gave us a tour of the kitchen and lots of snacks! Unfortunately, Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road was undergoing a remodel and upgrade so wasn't open. We also enjoyed Capitol, Il Convivio, and Zaffirano.

    1. I went to Le Gavroche last December and it was absolutely fantastic. That's the only time I've been so I can't say whether the food has gone downhill since Michel Jr took over but everything we were served was (at least in my humble opinion!) absolutely faultless. We were also given free champagne since we had to wait about 10 seconds to be seated at the bar, so the hospitality is still very much up to scratch!

      1. Loved La Gavroshe on our last vist there. The "tasting menu" plus the sommelier's pairings were great! Then, they allowed smoking and the ventilation system was not up to it, but the food, the service and the wine were outstanding.

        For Angela Hartnett's, again, the entire evening was 100%. We had a dinner meeting and the folk at Menu did all that could be asked. I loved the food, the wine and the service. Now, I have to admit that it was June and the temps were horrible. Our hotel was experiencing a "brown-out," and the central-air in our "deluxe room," was out, so my wife and I stayed long into the night, next to their air-conditioning unit. Hey, three Port-courses isn't too much, when the air-conditioning is working well ! I would dine there every chance that I get.

        Have not done Petrus yet, but hope to in October.

        Only trip to Savoy has been for a special event, so that probably does not count.

        You might want to also add Greenhouse (Mayfair), as a great destination-dining location. Did the chef's "tasting menu," plus the sommelier's pairing and it was over-the-top." I will be back there too. As we get to dine around the globe, we're pretty jaded, but Greenhouse really hit a chord. If I were a critic, I would give them 2-stars, without question - and this comes from a poor yank, who only gets to the UK twice per year and has to pretend that those little £'s are actually $'s, and then let American Express do the math.

        Last comment: we have always had great food/wine at Le Boudin Blanc (Sheppard's Market/Mayfair) for down-scale dining.

        Enjoy, and I hope that your flat, or hotel room, has great AC! (Grin)



        1. Thanks everyone! Of the four resto's mentioned above we have decided to go to The Savoy Grill. I am going with my father and sister and they decided they liked the look of the menu at SG better than the other four. Personally, I thought the menu at Petrus was more interesting but it sounds like we will not go wrong at the SG. We are also making a return to Wiltons, an old favorite family haunt. The last time we were there it was just OK so we are hoping they are in better form this time around. By the way, we are going to be staying in the Earl's Court area and after some research I came across the The Little French Restaurant...has anyone had any experience with this restaurant?


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            Hope that you'all (OK, I'm a Southern "yank") enjoy. Our trip to the Savoy was excellent. Unfortunately, it was for a special event, with a special menu, so it was not fair to make a rec., based on that.

            Now, you know that you will be obligated to post a review?