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Mar 2, 2007 02:44 AM

San Antonio Help

I'm heading to San Antonio in a couple of weeks for only 2 days. I already have reservations at Le Reve and I'm looking for suggestions for my second dinner.

I'm specifically looking for the high end restaurants that give the best dining experience. At least $100 per person and above. No restrictions on cuisine or location. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Little Rhein Steak House or Zinc.

    1. If you're talking $100+ pp for food only, you're going to have a hard time finding anything other than LeReve (except for the high-end steak chains i.e. Ruth's Chris, Mortons, Palm).

      If you mean including wine, different story. Frederick's is very good, Bin555, The Lodge at Castle Hills for example.

      1. Bistro Vatel is excellent! As saeyedoc points out, your $100 for food alone would be hard to find anywhere save Le Reve unless you're a big eater! The Lodge at Castle Hills is good, but I personally prefer the food at Bistro Vatel....though The Lodge has the edge as far as atmosphere of those two. The Lodge people also own Bin 555, and whereas it's good, I wouldn't want it for a "fine dining experience" only because it's too loud!

        1. Second the opinion of The Lodge at Castle Hills. I thought the food and service were excellent. The tab for a party of four was $325 which included a bottle of wind and the tip.

          1. I wouldn't go to Little Rhein - go to the Fig Tree which is next door to it. It is wonderful.
            Also, Pesca, Las Canarias, Biga on the Banks and Boudro's are all very good and can be pricy if you do them right!