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Mar 1, 2007 11:04 PM

Best Fresh Mex Burrito in OC

I'm passionate about burritos and food in general, but I have found it hard to find great mexican food in Orange County. My all-time favorite along with my best friend's all-time favorite burrito is the Asada Burrito at the Mayan in San Dimas. I know what your thinking, San Dimas?! Your right it's not an authentic mexican burrito, but it's the best fresh mex burrito I ever had. It consists of carne asada, whole black beans, guacamole, cilantro, pico de gallo, sour cream and onions, wrapped in a grilled tortilla. I was wondering if there is a burrito similar to the one I described in the OC.

The following are restaurants in the OC that I have already tried: Los Sanchez, Casa De Soto, Albertos, El Torito, El Torito Grill, El Farolito, Alcapulco, Don Jose's, Rubios, Chevy's, La Salsa, Chipotle, Super Mex, Anita's, Los Cotijas, Baja Fresh, Arriba, Wahoo's, and Taco Mesa.

By the way, if you want to try the best Korean BBQ in OC, go to the Lighttown House, located in Garden Grove. They have recently converted to using a gas grill instead of charcoal, which makes a huge difference, but it's still the best in my opinion. My family and I go there at least twice a month.

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  1. The description of your burrito makes me thinks of places like Baja Fresh and Rubio's. There's another chain similar to them called Arriba, maybe you should check that out. Jalapeno;s might also have something like that

    1. Las Golondrinas has a great Carne Asada burrito. Get the "Big Dave" and you have two meals.

      1. Try the blackened chicken burrito at Taco Mesa in Costa Mesa. I still like their food after all these years. Their nachos are huge and yummy too. Also, they have a nice selection of aqua frescas made with fresh fruit, which I love.

        1. You haven't tried Avila's El Ranchito? I'm fairly sure there are OC branches.

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            Avilas El Ranchito in Lake Forest (Muirlands/Ridge Route) and in Santa Ana near Tustin border (1st Street/5 Freeway). I believe there's also one in Laguna Niguel on La Paz near the Civic Center?

          2. Poquito Mas!!!
            I'm not sure if there is an OC location though...
            Benitos in Santa Monica is awesome too