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Mar 1, 2007 10:54 PM

East Coast Eats

My husband and I will be leaving for Australia from San Francisco on Sat. We have already booked at Tetsuya in Sydney and have a few other places targeted in Sydney, but not much else in any of the other places we will be. Here is a list of the other town we will be in if anyone has any advice...Noosa, Bundaberg, Fraser Island, Blue Mtns., and Agnes Water. TIA

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  1. Can't help you with all of those, but my favourite in Noosa is Sails for reliably good food and a great atmosphere right on the beach. It is actually on the beach side though, you will probably miss it if you just stroll down Hastings Street itself. From memory the surf club serves up decent food at good prices and has a lovely view over the beach.

    Plenty of good restaurants in the Blue Mountains as well - but it is quite a big and loosely defined place, so probably depends where you are staying. Vulcans in Blackheath is great and has the biggest reputation up in the mountains - you will need to book well in advance. I think the restaurants at Lillianfels and Echoes are also supposed to be good, but haven't personally eaten/stayed there. My parents love lillianfels and tend to go up every couple of years.

    1. On Hastings Street in Noosa both Sails and Season were very good, but the one we liked most was Bistro C. Not quite as upmarket as the other two, but excellent food and a great outlook. Rickys River Bar & Restaurant (down Noosa Parade a little) was also excellent with a large variety of tapas, appetisers and mains. If you are mobile, try the Spirit House in Yandina for fabulous Thai food in a wonderfully atmospheric location.

      1. I visited Noosa just this summer and just fell in love with it. We were just visiting friends, so we only got to eat one dinner. We ate at Kukai? Japanese Kitchen and it was perfect. It was a rare experience with every single item being perfectly executed, perfectly cooked and perfectly balanced. It's a husband and wife- man in the front of the house and the wife in the back. Excellent and friendly service. We ordered the Sukiyaki Hotpot and Gyoza Dumplings and I can not even tell you how perfect everything was. I still dream about it, and I will go back at least 3 or more times next time I'm in Australia

        Blue mountains-- do not miss Bacchus in katoomba. Very fantastic and cozy Mediterranean place and was opened by a student of paul bocuse. Best French onion soup. Ever. Also do not miss the Treis Elies Greek Cypriot Taverna also in Katoomba. A brilliant family Greek place. Very cozy, warm and excellent family style fare. I still think about our meals at these wonderful places.