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Mar 1, 2007 09:58 PM

Need good places to eat in Sedalia Missouri

Will be in Sedalia at the Ragtime Festival in early June. Any ideas for good food, fast service, & casual dress?
The Entertainer

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  1. Although I don't lilve in Sedalia (live in Columbia), these are some places that I've either heard about or dined at a VERY long time ago: Kehde's BBQ, Dickie Doo's BBQ, El Tapatio for good Mexican, and Wheel-Inn Drive In for a guber-burger. This place will be gone by the end of the summer for a new road expansion. The end of an era. McGrath's is fine dining, and I understand the Little Big Horn (downtown?) is very good. Hope this helps a little bit.

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      I apologize for an off topic query but my daughter just moved to Columbia. What can you suggest for that city. I know it is a university town and that ought to mean variety but what specifically is good, great, not to be missed? And if you can, what is child friendly - she has four which are seldom left behind. Thanks!

    2. El Tapatia is good and so is La Fuente Mexican also on highway 50-I always get the chile colorado it's very good.
      There are a number of places for good burgers on top of The Wheel-Inn: Eddie's Drive-in which was started by the same people who started Winstead's in KC. Griff's Drive in and Goody's Steakburgers are good too.