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Mar 1, 2007 08:54 PM

California Pizza Kitchen? (Opening in San Francisco)

Looks like a bit of suburbia coming to downtown San Francisco with the imminent opening of a California Pizza Kitchen (at 3rd and Jessie, in the old International Food Court Space). Anything of distinction on this chain operation's menu? The CPK in Shanghai puts out some weird-lookng pizzas, but that might be just some local peculiarities.

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  1. pizza will come down to preference, but i've always enjoyed their appetizers and salads for the most part....

    1. Tricolore Salad (crust w/ or w/o the salad... you can add the crust to any salad)

      BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad (light on dressing, no tortilla strips)

      Margherita Pizza

      Key Lime Pie


      1. Pretty much all the salads are really good! My faves are:
        tricolore salad (salad on top of crispy flatbread)
        grilled vegetable salad (with or without grilled chicken)
        thai crunch salad

        As for the pizza, my favorites are:
        Wild mushroom Pizza with grilled Chicken
        Milan (thin crust)
        Sweet and Spicy Italian Sausage
        White Pizza (sans the bacon)

        1. There has been a CPK on Geary in the Theater District off Union Square for quite some years. There is a newer one for at least a year, maybe 2 on Van Ness near Opera Plaza.

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            Well, you are at least partly right. According to the CPK website, there's ONE in San Francisco, at 524 Van Ness. Shows you what I know.

            According to CPK's locations map, the Van Ness branch is in Northern California, and the new 3rd & Jessie branch is in Southern California. I guess we can finally place the dividing line between Northern and Southern California at Market St. Sounds good to me!

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              Is the one on Geary gone? It was a good place to take a little kid after a play. (Though my son burst into tears when his pumpkin pie turned out to be pumpkin cheesecake.)

          2. Not the place for good pizza! A couple of nights ago, I thought I would try it again.
            A new creation called Greek pizza had to be one of the worst, that I ever had. The crust was dry, tough, and over baked, while the chicken was hard to find. But there was a lot of chopped cucumber and onions piled on it. Rather tasteless also. When I spoke to the Manager about the severe lack of chicken by showing him the TINY TINY cube on one slice and the two TINY TINY cubes on another slice, I was assured, that it was premeasured. So I asked how much chicken does that come to. After consulting the Manual he came back to tell me, that it amounted to 2.7 ounces! Isn't that less then a sixth of a pound? Or a timbalful before baking. When it was served the chicken pieces were merely very small specklike dry cubes! So overall, it was a lousy meal with a lot of marketing.
            When I mentioned to the waitress, that she did't ask if I wanted whole wheat crust, she casually said, that she didn't have to ask! For the $11.29 + tax and tip, a couple of frozen pizzas taste better and are a better deal with visible chicken on it.


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              i tend to stray away from any of their funky innovative pizzas, although the greek does sound like it would be intriguing. I tried the thai chicken pizza on a whim not too long ago and hated it. I prefer their pizzas that are a bit more classic! To be honest, im a little afraid to try the tandoori chicken pizza!