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Mar 1, 2007 08:50 PM

Best OC Prime Rib Dinner for $14.99 or Less?

OK Hounds I was just thinking the other day that there has to be some really good prime rib in OC that won't break the wallet. I just don't know of any good prime rib dinners for $14.99 or less except (don't stone me!) Lonestar Restaurant's earlybird. The prime rib isn't aged, at least I can't tell if it is, but it's always roasted perfectly, nicely seasoned and tender. The salad is fresh and simple, the sweet rolls are warm and the baked potato or baked sweet potatos are terrific. Service is always good there too, no bad attitudes, always hospitable. The dinner also comes complete with a softdrink or milk for $13.99.

Anyway that's my nomination for the category of "Best OC Prime Rib Dinner for $14.99 or Less". Hopefully there are others...and the nominees are...?

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  1. The Prime Rib at The Beach House in Laguna Beach is quite good, and I believe it's under $15 if you get it during their Sunset Special hour (4-6pm). It's not a large slice of prime rib, but the garlic mashed potatoes are great. Plus, you're right on the ocean, so you got that going for you.

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      kingkong5, their website says Sunset Special Roasted Prime Rib and Garlic Mashed Potatoes goes for $15.95. They do have a great view there, that counts for a lot.

      1. re: GrindzHound

        Thanks for the update GH! Darn, I'm 96 cents off. On the other hand, I've been having that prime rib sunset special back when it was $9.95.

    2. Lawry's Carvery in SCP may just be around $15.

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        I usually get my prime rib cravings fix at Lawry's carvey as well. Love the side of asparagus too.

        Sometimes they have a special coupon for 2 platter meals with wine/drinks for $30.

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            notmartha, Sounds like a good offer. I second justagthing's "where do you find the coupons?"

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              The last time they had it on the table outside the restaurant. We were at the mall and just walked by, grab one and used it at the order counter.

        1. I wholeheartedly second Lawry's Carvery at South Coast Plaza. I believe it is just around 15 - maybe a bit less or a bit more...

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            I justy called Lawry's Carvery and the Carvery Platter Prime Rib Meals which includes coleslaw and one side dish is $14.99 for 6 ounce serving and $19.99 for a 9 ounce serving.

          2. A secret tip: At Houston's you can order a prime rib sandwich (not the french dip) that is NOT on the menu, is about 8-10 oz depending on who's cutting it, and the toasted french roll that makes it a sandwich is served on the side. Its a petit cut that fits into that price range, and its aged and delish.

            1. Mr. S, That's a nice secret tip for aged beef.