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Mar 1, 2007 08:47 PM

best steak in south beach

If prime 112 is not best steakhouse. were is it

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  1. There is a difference between steakhouse and steak.

    The steak at tuscan steak is superior to prime 112 but is not a traditional steak house. Prime is probably the best traditional steakhouse in sobe but that is not saying much. Its competition is basically S&W and Harrisons (which I never tried).

    If you broaden your horizons a bit, the forge is on 41st st and then you have Mortons and Capital Grille on the other side of the bay. My favorite traditional steakhouse is Mortons in Miami.

    The fact of the matter is P112 is a decent steakhouse but a great restaurant.

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      BTW if you can deal with kosher salt on your steak. Most probably the salt roasted porterhouse @ table 8 is the best steak on the beach. It is too salty for my tastes but the quality of the steak itself was something special. If it were not for the salt, this would be my favorite steak on the beach.

      My favorite steak in sobe is tuscan btw.

      1. re: tpigeon

        "The fact of the matter is P112 is a decent steakhouse but a great restaurant." At first I misread your quote and was stunned. Then I read it again. Spot on accurate. I love Prime 112, love it. Sweet potato mash is probably the best side dish in America. The steaks are great but I've certainly had better. But would I rather go to Mortons or someplace with better steaks? No.

        1. re: masonuc

          Try the sweet potato mashed at Tuscan, IMO it is even better.

      2. I love Tuscan Steak
        Smith and Wollinsky past Joe's is awesome too and the view is really nice...try their lobster fried rice as a side
        The Forge is good too
        There is also a Colombian restaurant on Washington called Las Tables that has an amazing steak and potato meal...the flavor is awesome!!!

        1. Taverna OPA's Rib Eye Limone for just $18 bux is the best steak pound for pound in South Beach.

          Pacific Time's Wagu was devine at double the price.

          Smith and Wollensky get's my vote for best steakhouse in South Beach. The views and prime beef are the best. The fact is, if you do not include the Argentine Steakhouses in sobe, there are only two in all of South Beach that I can think of, I don't really consider Tuscan a true steakhouse in the same way I would P112, S&W, Shula's, Capitol Grill or Mortons. Sobe can only claim the first two in the list above and they are very near one another.

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          1. re: netmover

            Tuscan gets my vote. There Miami Spice deal is always great. A Must Do

            1. re: netmover

              Please stop it with the S&W votes. Steak @ S&W is not better than P112. S&W is inferior to P112 in all food aspects. I am not saying the steak at 112 is great. I am saying it is better than @ S&W.