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Mar 1, 2007 08:24 PM

Any special breakfast places in Milwaukee?

My wife and I will be in Milwaukee for a weekend and I need to know if anyone has any recommendations for a great breakfast place. TIA Don

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  1. Milwaukee Magazine article on the best Sunday brunches in town:

    You can also search the dining guide in the Journal-Sentinel website's dining guide for Meals Served = Brunch:

    1. I think the milwaukee mag list if a good one, with most pretty uscale, excepting Beans & Barley, which is very good, but nice and casual. I've heard good things about Hi Hat, but haven't been there in years

      Lastly, an unfortunate negative, a new place Cafe Hollander opened on the east sides. I've had some disappointing experiences there. The staff doesn't seem to have it together at all and I didn't think the food was that good. But my real complaint was the service.

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        My daughter took me to The Hi Hat for brunch last Father's Day. I had the shrimp & grits, my wife had the stuffed French toast, and my daughter had the crab cake benedict. Everything was delicious.

      2. Good to know. Ever since Gil's closed, we've been searching for someplace that's a bit more special than Beans & Barley, or of course the diner food king (or queen?) Ma Fischer's

        1. I like the retro vibe at the Pfister's 'coffee shop.' Also, Harlequin Bakery/Cafe for a more pastry-oriented breakfast.