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Mar 1, 2007 07:50 PM

A New Orleans Root Beer Question

OK, only a semi-food question/article, bu in the ‘70s, there was a radio/TV commercial in New Orleans for a root beer, that I think was a local, or semi-local product. The VO (Voice Over) tag line at the end went, “Zow Clifford!” followed by another VO, “Zow Junior!” pronounced in a “yat” accent, “Jun-yah-h.” I do not recall if the two characters (Clifford and Junior), who uttered these lines ever appeared in the TV versions, or if they were only VO’s. Most of the series, had the two men usually arguing over some trivial matter, that was always resolved during the commercials. I have tried to find, via the Internet, and my NO family, the name of the root beer, with no luck. The commercials aired during the latter half of the ‘70s, and may have continued after we moved to Colorado. My wife, a New Orleans native, remembers the commercials, but, like I am, is at a total loss as to the name. The only NO-based root beer, that I have been given is Dr Nut. I’ve researched them, and though they seem to have been in business under several corporate names in the ‘30s, again in the ‘50s, and once more in the ‘80s, I do not believe that they were the sponsor, especially as neither I, nor my wife, had ever heard of them, and do not recall the bottle/label. I am thinking Rex Root Beer, but cannot find much info on them, except that it was bottled by Coca-Cola and there are a ton of bottles on eBay. While researching Dr Nut, I did see that they were once owned by Wright’s Root Beer, and that name does strike a chord, though I do not believe that it was the one, that I am searching for. Being from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I was very familiar with that Biloxi concoction, Barq’s Root Beer, and do not think that this series was part of their advertising campaign. I believe that there was also a soft drink named Zap, which had a root beer in its lineup. Another possibility is Dad’s Root Beer, but I do not believe that it is/was a New Orleans product. Hope that this is food-related enough, so as to not be bumped by the admin. Remember, it’s root beer, and what goes better with seafood on the Lakefront, than a good root beer? Every time that we do NO-style shrimp po-boys, in AZ, I always have some Barq's on hand. BTW, we do them "dressed!"


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  1. I know what I am posting is not what you are looking for but read this...about Abita Root Beer...yes, Abita makes root beer and claims it is like the ones from decades ago...

    1. My first reaction to your question, triggered by Joonya! is Barq's Root Beer.

      But I can guarentee a correct answer if you post this question here:

      1. Ask He remembers all that kind of stuff or call his radio show between 2 and 5 weekdays so we can here the answer 1-866-644-9762 or 504-593-2166.

        1. The answer we're coming up with so far on the board is Rex Root Beer.

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            Rex, eh? I had thought about Rex, and it just did not seem to fit, though I do recall it fondly. You could be correct, and my memory just cloudy.

            Thank you for posting that, especially after so very long.

            I have mailed Julia Street (and Poydras the Parrot) of "New Orleans Magazine" fame, but have never seen my question, nor have I received any correspondence.

            I have asked my family, who mostly still live in the NOLA area, and none seem to recall these commercials.

            Using the "Way-back Machine," I seem to recall these playing right after the WWL Ch. 4, news. Just about the time that the bearded, heavy-set commentator (first name Phil)would read his closing bit, the commercial would air. I also recall them on the radio, but cannot recall a particular station.

            Thank you for your input.


          2. Could it be Zatarains? Believe it or not, this spice/prepared foods company had it roots in root beer. I have have some Zatarains root beer extract in my pantry.

            Here's a link to their product: