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Mar 1, 2007 07:37 PM

kick ass restaurants in s.b.

looking for prime dinning in s.b.i've been told prime112, nemo, mark.
is there another restaurant cant miss

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  1. All of them are good
    Table 8
    Nobu if you have not been
    Osteria del Teatro
    Evolution - eggplant and scallop apps, chicken main is the best - veal and lamb are good too..
    Tuscan Steak - gnocci gorgonzola, steak, cannolies are great but have a touch of lemon..
    Mr. Chu - especially dim sum (lunch) and get peking duck (dinner)
    Macalusos - Meatballs, sausage, cheesecake
    Sardinia to a lesser extent...

    1. I was just in SB for the Super Bowl and had a great meal at Wish, at the corner of 8th and Collins Ave. Not only was the food outstanding, but most of the restaurant is outside with great ambience. The service was warm and wonderful and as an added bonus, there is a small bar on the roof which overlooks Collins Ave. This is a cannot miss place. Go on the internet and check out the reviews and you will see what I mean. We did splurge with a $44.00 veal chop and a $52.00 steak, both of which were specials that evening. Go for it!

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        I used to work at Wish, when chef Mike Bloise was the sous chef. I believe he is still the executive chef, and if so, I highly recommend it. His food is amazing, and Wish is truly a beautiful restaurant! The Hotel and Wish restaurant were designed by Todd Oldham, and the view from the upstairs bar & pool area is wonderful!

      2. i'm staying at the hotel i will try wish for dinner.

        1. Wish is one of our favorites (probably because the weather is always good when we are there and we love dining outdoors-definitely helps)

          Agree with the recommendation for Nobu

          I also like the Forge, though it's on 41st Street and not quite "South Beach"

          1. Joe's Stone Crabs=can't miss.