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Mar 1, 2007 07:19 PM

nobu vs nemo

i'm going to be in south beach for 3 nights. Monday night i;m eationg at prime 112.I have special dinning with for 3 nights i'm looking for the best s.b. has to offer for a date.I want excellent food with atmsphere. please help.
first night i have reservations at both restaurants above. please help me make decesion for my stay

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  1. Much as I love nemo, Nobu has the edge.

    Nobu - No sushi - you can get better sushi at bond st next door for much less. Cooked dishes are where it is at here (with one exception).
    Black Cod Miso
    Rock Shrimp Tempura
    Sashimi Salad (the exception)
    Spicy Creamy Crab

    112 ain't about the steak, it is about everything else. Steak is good, not spectacular. As for the rest...
    Mac & Cheese is best anywhere
    Onion Soup is awesome
    Lobster Bisque is just as good
    Shrimp Cocktail is amazing
    Get creamed corn and sweet mashed sides
    Go for the bananna foster cheesecake for dessert.

    1. It's not in South Beach - but when I was in Miami I really loved Ortanique.

      1. i thought prime was best steak house in miami

        1. Purely on the food I would go with Nobu over Nemo. Tpigeon has noted many of the top items, I would probably add the toro tartare w/ caviar to that list as well. If you like uni (sea urchin), the uni tempura is quite good.

          My suggestion for a couple would be for one person to do the omakase (chef's choice) menu, which is usually 5-6 courses, and for another to "fill in the gaps" with the other dishes (check to see if any are already on the omakase).

          Having said that, I think the atmosphere at Nemo is nicer than Nobu, and the food is also very good. I've heard many people complain that the dining area in Nobu feels like you are sitting in the bottom of a pool, and there is something to it. There's always a cool crowd (at least they'd like to think so) at the restaurant bar and at the Skybar outside (which is a very nice place for a drink), but the restaurant itself is entirely closed in with no views, and it is pretty spartan with tiled walls and not much decoration. I love the feel of Nemo, which is a nicely decorated place and is set up in a way that even the indoor seating feels almost like you're outside. Take a look at the website:

          Locals (myself included) have grown tired of Nemo because they never change the menu, but there's many things that are very good. I really like their tuna tartare, vietnamese beef salad, spicy calamari stir fry (an inelegant presentation of a sort of soupy stir fry of calamari and greens, but it tastes delicious), and mussels apps, as well as the yellowtail and pork chop mains.

          I think some of the best food on the beach is at Talula, but the atmosphere is a bit of a step down. It's a nice place, just not quite as fancy.

          1. Nemo can be empty at times though, so the equation gets more difficult. If you are going for people watching purposes, gotta give the edge to Nobu. If you want a nice place just to have dinner and don't care about people watching. Nemo is the answer.

            I do not like going omakase @ nobu because they always include their overpriced sushi as one or more of the dishes. If you do omakase, say you are allergic to sushi :).