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Mar 1, 2007 07:11 PM

Where can I buy Jerky? - Help! Beef or other favorites (Pasadena area)

Looking to buy an assortment of jerky for a jerky loving pal. Are there any places around the Pasadena (or further east) area that sells 'fresh' or good jerky? I think he typically eats beef jerky - so any incredible beef jerky suggestions are appreciated - as well as any other types. The only spots that come to mind are Costco or Trader Joe's.... I know there must be meat markets or something that I'm missing......


edit: need it for tomorrow! so, unfortunately, don't have time to mail order! (although, will keep suggestions in mind for personal purchases!)

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  1. on the way to mammoth there is a place that sells various types of jerky. they do mail order, but i can't think of the name off hand. many people stop there to buy thier supply prior to arriving at mammoth so they can have some to nosh on, on the slopes. i'm sure someone will know the place that i am talking about

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        I've ordered from there-the honey turkey jerky is incredible.

    1. Mahogany smoked meats in Bishop is the place you're thinking of... . I like the salmon jerky- a little bit goes a LONG way and like most jerky, is equally if not more attractive to bears on backpack outings.

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        i LOVE mahogany smoked meats~!!!!!!!!!!!

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          I have to agree with mahogany smoked meats. Great place for jerky. I usually get the sweet & hot or the peppered. For something local, you could try A&Z’s Nut Wagon in Boyle Heights. It was recommended a while back by jonathon gold in la weekly.

          816. S. Lorena St., (323) 267-1695.

      2. If you want something in the jerky family, you can get biltong (South African jerky) at the International Sausage Kitchen in Beverly Hills (Olympic, just west of Doheny).

        1. the place in bishop is a tourist ripoff joint imo. You can make your own, I do if I have the time - this brand made in ventura is very good - call to find out where its sold locally near you - I know fry electronics of all places sell it. Its very good and you mentioned TJ - I dont think there stuff is that bad at all. If it means a ton to you make it yourself, just like anything else.

          1. I'm not sure this will help, but since you're in kind of a hurry....Tengu brand seems kind of popular (at least among Japanese Americans, possibly because of the company's roots).
            I found it in lots of Japanese markets and business places (like liquor stores). You might try contacting the company and asking for dealers close to your area. For mail order, one of my friends who (to me) is a serious jerky fan likes Jerky Hut. I've had it and it's pretty good. It seems pretty moist compared to most jerky I've had, so I'm not sure it's as long lasting (unused) as most other jerky I've tried. I'm sure if you google the company name you'll find the site. The problem I've noticed is Jerky Hut seems big on franchises and it seems like most of them are here in southern California. Not sure who I'd suggest. Last thing on mail order. A good friend's wife is from Hawaii brought back some stuff for me from Hawaii. I thought it was pretty good. The website on the package was