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Mar 1, 2007 06:57 PM

South Palm Beach-great casual seafood recs?

Hello fellow hounds! Philly hound trying to help my parents who are vacationing in South Palm Beach, near Palm Beach & Lake Worth.

They are seeking a casual seafood restaurant with great, fresh food (not necessarily upscale), low prices and preferably on/near the water (atmosphere is a definite plus). They do have a car, so in the vicinity would be great as well.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. They hardly ever get away and this is a long awaited trip after my dad's successful battle with cancer. Thanks!

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  1. Also, buffet style or generous portions are appreciated. (they are super skinny but can eat tons!)

    1. I found Riggins Crabhouse. Anyone have experience with it?

      1. Ok. My parents went to Riggins Crabhouse based on Zagat, AAA and some reviews on the net. They said that it was horrible. The catfish came out and was all bones. It had to be sent back. The crabcakes were seeped in oil. The lobster soup was ok.

        PLEASE. Any recommendations in the area?

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          1. The original comment has been removed