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White-themed meal

Hi everyone....

I was hoping you guys can help me plan my menu for a multi-course white-themed meal. The food must be white but I can't think of any...suggestions? thanks

Main entree

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  1. Wow, this is the kind of thing that I try to avoid!

    Appetizer: Carr's water crackers with chevre

    Soup: leek and potato, either hot or cold

    Main dish and sides: Fish, rice, and cauliflower.

    Fruit/cheese: Peeled granny smith apples with white cheddar cheese (from New England)

    Dessert: Apple Snow

    Hope this helps,


    1. Appetizer: White bean bruschetta with ricaotta salata, I think Chiarello has a recipe

      Soup: White Gazpacho or anjou and parsnip soup

      Main: Coconut Poached fish with coconut rice, or maybe poached chicken with fresh fetuccine, add a poached egg maybe? Maybe turnip puree, or risotto topped with white truffles (or oil)

      Side: Jicama, turnip, and endive salad or braised daikons

      Cheese: Manchego with Marcona Almonds. Or any sharp Italian with Peeled Bartlett pear

      Dessert: Ricotta and Mascarpone Cheesecake is what I have in mind, crustless. Or maybe just a really nice white cake, or a coconut cake.

      Good luck.

      1. vichysoisse --or--pear/pecorino ravioli

        shaved fennel salad

        seared scallops over celery root puree with braised leeks

        roasted white asparagus

        endive spears with goat cheese and almonds

        pignoli cookies


        as an aside... any monochromatic meal rarely works. eating begins with the eyes.

        1. Everything Scandinavian :-)
          Lutfisk, Swedish meatballs, Jansson's Temptation, rice pudding

          1. Two foods came to mind immediately that are snow white. Chilean sea bass was one.
            Hominy was the second. Lemon sorbet is white too come to think of it.
            Have fun with those three for now. : )

            Use a white tablecloth and plates too so your guests can leave craving some color! LOL.

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              A grits cheese dish, using a good sharp white cheddar. And/or add lobster as the guy did on the recent Island episode of Dinner Impossible..


            2. soup: roasted cauliflower or white asparagus soup
              main or appetizer: white pizza (garlic, cheeses, etc.)
              dessert: fruits, especially if you can serve them with white chocolate? otherwise, panna cotta or cheesecake

              1. agree that this is tough to pull off...

                cream of cauliflower soup

                fresh mozzarella

                hearts of palm salad of some sort

                mashed potatoes w/ parmesan

                fried turnips

                ravioli w/ alfredo

                seared scallops or fish w/ piccata

                chicken in phyllo stuffed w/ ricotta and whatever else white...

                white ceviche

                oysters parmesan

                cheese souffle (white cheese of course)



                pavlova w/ white chocolate sauce

                white chocolate tartuffo w/ white raspberry sauce

                rice pudding

                1. Every time I serve myself up grilled chicken with mash and cauliflour cheese I can't get over how bland it looks - and you're trying to achieve that?!!
                  ok ideas, a lot of fish is basically white - take your pick, you could do lemon souffle for pud as that is nearly white (go easy on the zest and ramp up the juice - but not so much that the mixture is too loose).

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                  1. re: ali patts

                    A dish that is basically white, but with some bright colored highlights, might fit with the theme.

                    A Mexican style jicama salad, with red and green highlights, such as diced red bell pepper, and cucumber and cilantro (with a lime, salt, and chile seasoning), would fit.


                  2. In the "Surreal Gourmet Entertains" he has a section on "monocromatic entertaining"
                    For white:
                    White Russians for cocktails
                    White asparagus with garlic mayo as a pre-dinner munchie
                    White bean salad
                    Garlic mashed potatoes
                    White chocolate mousse
                    Wine: Sauvignon Blanc
                    Music: The Beatles- THe WHite Album
                    He also give sthe advice that if you are stuck for an ingredient, use poetic licence: Ie: For a red dinner-red snapper, black-black forest cake, orange-duck a l'orange, you get the idea...Goood luck!

                    1. My wife makes this wonderful coconut cake. Outside is vanilla cream frosting and shredded coconut and inside is a lemony cake.

                      1. I must know what occasion calls for an all-white meal. Are you entertaining the idea of adding a splash of color somewhere (say berries for dessert, or something)?

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                          I was wondering if all the guests will be wearing white as well. White dishes, on white tablecloth, white candles, white flowers.... You will need sunglasses to cut down the glare. J/K

                        2. white bean puree

                          vanilla cake with white frosting

                          milk to drink!

                          1. Epicurious has a Winter White salad that I bookmarked to try but haven't yet. I would do a search on the word white in their recipe database.


                            fruit: mangosteen sections or lychees

                            1. Appetizer: Some white bean spread on pieces on endive
                              Soup/Salad: Vicchysoise
                              Main entree: White fish over a root vegetable puree (potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, maybe turnips)
                              Fruit/Cheese: There's a lot of white cheese out there. Include pine nuts on the platter.
                              Dessert: Poached pears

                              1. Many years ago, early in my food service career, the company I work for used to let guests choose all the components of their banquets, i.e. they could choose the salad, entree, starch, veggie, and dessert, instead of what we do now, which is pair appropriate sides to the entree. (We still let them choose their salad and dessert if from our regular menu.) Thus, I had one client, also inexperienced, who chose the following menu:

                                Caesar Salad
                                Chicken with Chardonnay Sauce
                                Au Gratin Potatoes
                                Creamed Corn
                                Carrot Cake with Sour Cream Frosting

                                Before service started, I looked at the entree plate, as I usually do, and realized what had happened. The entire meal was white, and not very appealing. Chef put a few sprigs of parsley on the entree plate, but it didn't help, as it looked, well, pallid. Lesson learned--visualize the plate, and the entire meal. You need a balance of color, texture, and flavors throughout the entire meal.

                                Good luck, I'm sure there's a good reason for choosing this theme.

                                1. Why not a white bean chili with Chicken?

                                  1. Wow...I'm amazed with all the responses/suggestions. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and concerns about a white-themed meal looking bland. But there's a method for this madness, not my madness of course.

                                    "White Day is a festival ... celebrated in Japan and Korea on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day, women give gifts to men; on White Day, men who received chocolate on Valentine's Day return the favor and give gifts to women."