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Mar 1, 2007 06:40 PM

shooters and bootleggers

am i showing my age or does anyone remember these places on the water. any news on what has taken their palce?

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  1. Shooters is still there; Bootleggers is now La Playa.

    1. Funny you should ask...I just had lunch at one of the former owners son's place, Noodles and Paninni's. He and I were talking about how this new owner, who is alledgedly the son of a Texas Oil Tycoon worth 500+ million. To date they, allegedly, have lost close to 20 million trying to make a run of these two SOFLA institutions. Why this guy closed Bootleggers to begin with is any ones guess? In fact, he initially closed it without even having a new concept to take it's place? It has reopened under a variety of new names, all have which have failed miserably and been dreadful at best, kind of like the present concept!

      Anyway, Shooters has continued to operate uninterrupted and now features a sushi bar where the upsatirs bar used to be, I'm told.

      It's a shame this awesome Intercoastal location has fallen from grace. Is it still the watering hole you remember? Maybe, maybe not. Although I am sure the same cannot be said about the food.

      Oh, BTW, I've heard they now charge $10 cover for their famed bikini contest. So yeah, it's still there (kinda sorta) it the same...well you decide!

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        thanks for the update. too bad, alot of good memories there

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          hey...there's more to be's still there!