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Mar 1, 2007 06:20 PM

Restaurants in Southwest Denver

My husband and I will be visiting my parents in Denver at the end of March and are looking for some restaurants to try. They are in Southwest Denver (Lakewood specifically) so we would prefer to stay somewhere in that vicinity. We are open to any type of food - specifically maybe a good Mexican or Indian restaurant in the area. Although I grew up in Denver I am not at all familiar with the restaurant scene and when we visit we always end up at the same Chinese restaurant. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Cafe Bisque and 140 Union near each other in Lakewood and Rhapsody in Golden (neither Mexican nor Indian but all very good). Severak Thai restaurants in SW Denver, but I've never been to any, Pick up a copy of '5280' magazine and see which ones are convenient if your taste also runs to Thai. I haven't been to Chama Cucina, reportedly modern Mexican in the Belmar Center in Lakewood. If it's anywhere near as good as Richard Sandoval's Tamayo and La Sandia, downtown and at the old Stapleton respectively, it's worth a shot. Opus in downtown Littleton reputedly has the best fine dining in the SW part of town..

    1. FYI its 240 Union and they and Cafe Bisque are both good and in the same stip mall off Union between 6th Ave and Alameda in Lakewood. I have only been to Cafe Bisque for breakfast and brunch.
      I have enjoyed Chama but not quite as good as Mezcal or Tamayo in myopionion but similiar type food. The chicken mole is good and so are the drinks.

      There is also Cafe Jordano off W Jewell. I have not been in few years because the last couple of times I have tired to go its been packed and a long wait for a table. Probably less of a wait on a weeknight.
      There are a couple of excellent pizza places in/near the Belmar area as well.
      Can't really think of any Indian places in the area but theres got to be some?
      Also both Morrison and Golden are nearby and they both a good variety of places for smaller towns.