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Mar 1, 2007 06:18 PM

Help Dim sum in Chinatown East

I promised my son and his gf I would take them for dim sum tomorrow somewhere in Chinatown town East. the farther east the better. Where?

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  1. pearl court restaurant in Little Chinatown is the only place i can think of. Besides the mediocre-to-rude service, the dimsum there is pretty fresh and tasty. good luck

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      I've always found upstairs at the Pearl Court to be really stuffy, and if you sit near the frying station you'll come out smelling like you've been cooking all day.

    2. Grand's also has dim sum and cheaper, too. Same hit & miss quality as Pearl Court and even more of a dump (not necessarily a bad thing...)

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        Grand's was my family's go-to place for dim sum until recently. I don't know if they have a new cook or are buying their ingredients somewhere else, but all the dishes we usually order have changed in taste (and some in texture). I just don't like their dim sum anymore. So, we've been going further east to Scarborough. Last place we went was Dynasty. Fortunately, arrived really early so we didn't have to wait forever for a seat. My only issue is why don't they have highchairs?

      2. The only place I can think of is Pearl Court. I had dim sum there a couple of days ago. While hardly worth a special journey, all was fresh and tasty. I can quibble: the pan fried shrimp/chive dumplings were delicious, but had little shrimp and tasted more of spinach than of chive; the cheung foon was said to be beef, but could have contained any meat or poultry. Beef balls were fine and tea was decent.

        Service, seldom good here, was extremely poor. Some items were on carts, some were on a counter display, and some came fresh from the kitchen. There was no listing and no menu. Serving staff didn't seem to know what was available from the kitchen. Indeed, they couldn't identify everything on the carts. (The counter display had labels in Chinese and English.) I first assumed either a language problem or that sadly common "you aren't Chinese, so we don't care" attitude that afflicts some places. But it was neither. The Chinese customers had the same problem. Aside from things that were obvious, they weren't aware of everything they had.

        Grand has been seen nuking their dim sum lately, which isn't a good sign.

        1. The cheap places all nuke 'em, if they aren't deep-frying them. And I suspect there's a factory in Scarboro who freezes the lot that supplies them.

          1. May I suggest MiMi's (just a little further East from the Pearl Court and the Grand) and which though Vietnamese and does not serve Dim Sum is so far more delicious than either the Pear or the Grand?
            A selection of appetizers (deep fried spring rolls, barbecue sausages..etc) will give you a sort of Dim Sum experience and one of their amazing Phos or soups as a main course is a joy to behold. I have truly converted from the on and off experience at either former mentioned Dim Sum eatery into an afficionado of MiMi's as the quality is consistent day to day.