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Salads from Cafe Gaia in Gatineau

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Piccola.....you posted on Oct. 18th this place as one of your favourite spots. Please elaborate on what is offered here and the actual location. Thanks!

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  1. Hey - it's at 47A, boulevard Montclair in Hull. Phone number's 819-777-9019.

    They have a permanent menu with hot and cold sandwiches and salads, plus a set of daily specials. The sandwiches are great - on good crusty baguette, some vegan with tofu or tempeh, others just veg with brie or mozzarella.

    But the salads... Oh, I have dreams about these gigantic salads. I think I've tried them all, but my favourite is the one with the smoked tofu and almonds. They have this awesome salad dressing I could practically drink (they sell it in bottles, too).

    Just so you know, it's a tiny place. Don't plan on going with more than a couple friends. Also, I'm pretty sure they don't serve alcohol or take cards, but then again, you'll eat for about 10$.

    1. Thanks for your speedy reply Piccola. I will try this place. Maybe I'll see if they offer take-out.