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Mar 1, 2007 05:37 PM

Tony Angello's

Any word on when they are re-opening...I have heard as early as this month.

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  1. Yes, Tony Angello's is once again open!

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    1. re: imakjun

      I went last weekend and it was outstanding. Just as it was pre-K. Be prepared to wait, though; they are not taking reservations. We got there around 6:30 and didn't sit until 8:45. We didn't mind, just had a few cocktails. As long as you go in knowing you might have to wait a while, it is no big deal. And, the food is well worth it.

      1. re: ana210

        Oh, this is very exciting. I heard they do not have a phone. Any idea what days they are open and times??

        1. re: d.lish

          An excellent question that I do not have an answer to. Sorry . . .I didn't do the planning for our meal, so I don't know the details. If I find out, I'll post it.

          1. re: d.lish

            check someone called into the radio show with the phone number. Hours should be posted too.

            1. re: Tonto

              Thank you Tonto. Can't wait to have a feast. Might bring my parents this weekend..

              1. re: d.lish

                Be warned: I tried to go last Saturday night, got there right when they opened at 6:00, and was told the wait would be at least three hours. Was with friends and could not stick around.