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Mar 1, 2007 05:35 PM

[SAT] Pizza Delivery in Medical Center


I'm a displaced New Yorker looking for good pizza in the Medical Center area of San Antonio, preferably with spicy sauce... I'm surrounded by cardboard pizza chains and dubious places that sell pizza, Chinese food, and Buffalo wings-- all on one place!


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  1. The best within 15 minutes of the medical center is Naples, on Huebner and Military. Goombas on Blanco and Lockhill-Selma is good also (and much cheaper). Neither place delivers or comes close to real NY pizza.

    1. Best places I've tried in the Medical Center area have been

      1. Sapore's Pizza on Babcock and Hillcrest.
      This is my pick hands down.
      They're are just outside of the Med.Cen area inside the loop, but worth the trip. They do deliver but not sure to what extent.

      2. I have heard good things about House of Pizza on Babcock as well.

      3. Pauls Pizza Roma does deliver.
      They pizza is not bad at all for the price. I've found it a little greasy at times, but it is leaps and bounds better than your major chain options.

      4. Lorenzo's on Fredericksburg Rd.
      These guys make a good pizza. A bit higher priced that other places if I remember correctly but the pie was really good. Not sure on delivery either though.

      You can always browse this site too for a few more options.

      1. I like the Main Street Pizza over by Crossroads myself. I've just moved over to the Med. Center so I haven't tried the rest yet.

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          I've tried that place too (Main Street on Crossroads)
          It is def. a good place.