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Mar 1, 2007 05:25 PM

Town Hall

Need a quality restaurant for dinner with my wife. Heard Town Hall fits the bill. Any opinions good or bad? If not so good, recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. Town Hall is a fun place to go - not exactly romantic. Don't even think about having a conversation, you're going to be hoarse the next day.

    1. Go to Acquerello. My favorite Italian restaurant in the city and a great spot for a nice romantic meal with your wife.

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        I had a wonderful meal there last Friday night. Perfect wine pairings and the best service.

      2. Very good food, but not great; definitely a fun place to go with friends; not a romantic place at all! And extremely noisy.

        I'd suggest Chapeau!

        1. Town Hall all the way for food. Loved every visit.

          1. We have never been disappointed with the food or the service at Town Hall. And, it is what it is, a happening place, lots of action in a big open building. Sure it's noisy, but that's what places like that are. I don't think it's trying or means to be "romantic." We find it just a really fun place to go with an inovative menu. Go and enjoy.