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Mar 1, 2007 05:15 PM

Restaurant for 4, tomorrow in Boston

My parents are coming into town tomorrow night and I'm in charge of picking the restaurant. They aren't new to Boston or anything, and usually this is more fun, but my stepmother is having some hearing issues and we're more concerned than usual about ambiance.

Here are the rules:

They're staying at the Ritz, but please don't judge about this. They're treating themselves to a nice weekend and time with the kids. I'd prefer to find a restaurant within reasonable distance from the hotel. No Cambridge, nothing beyond Kenmore.

So, dinner for four. Restaurant must be quiet, so that we can all hear each other without too much background noise. Also, the menu must have something that can be prepared with little or no salt. Sushi is kinda out on this one, though we've made it work in the past. I'd avoid sushi for this occasion, though. Also, they don't like Italian food. It's a long story. But no Italian.

As for expense, something comparable to 647.

-menu likely to have something that can be made salt-free or low-salt
-near their hotel
-not Italian
-must accept reservations

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

My list currently includes:
bin 26

I refuse to eat at any of the Back Bay Restaurant Group restaurants, so don't bother suggesting any.


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  1. Lala Rokh sounds like it might fit most of the criteria; I'd suggest calling ahead to ask about the salting when you're making the reservation.

    Is it just no sushi or no Japanese entirely? Douzo does have many non-sushi dishes if that's within your criteria.

    I'd also recommend eating a bit earlier or later, as places can be less crowded, especially on a Friday.

    1. I'll definitely look into Lala Rokh. I've been meaning to try it!

      As for Douzo, I had lunch there today actually! It's fantastic. But we did Osushi thet last time they were here, and I think stepmom felt left out. I'll definitely suggest it, though.


      1. I don't really have a good idea as to what is or isn't good made without salt, but Pigalle is a nice quiet restaurant with lovely food. They take reservations as well.

        1. troquet, pigalle as well as lala rokh. perhaps davio's? more of a steakhouse than really italian. clio is quiet but pricey. no. 9 also pricey. wherever you decide, it will help everybody (your party and the restaurant) if you call ahead with your food restrictions.

          early at les zygomates, because they have live music later.

          1. Laurel is a good idea. Besides the other suggestions, Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore would work. Beacon Hill Bistro would be nice. I won't say Rist. Toscona (sp) but I'm very curious how BOTH parents don't like Italian. Such a non-threatening style of food. Even northern Italian?