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Mar 1, 2007 04:54 PM

Best Birthday cake, both pretty and delicious

I've read all the posts on birthday cakes and wanted to try to get more recent posts. I'm looking for a birthday cake for a party for my 2-year-old. Of course the kids won't care what kind of cake, but we do! We'd like something pretty and delicious, the kind of cake where you want seconds. I don't want the standard Costco or Food Emporium sheet cake with the fake decorations. Something a little prettier would be great.

Ideally I'd like a chocolate cake with fudge filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. I've found a lot of the frosting TOO buttery. For example, I liked 2 Little Red Hens' chocolate cake and fudge, but thought their vanilla was way too buttery. I didn't like Cupcake Cafe or Polka Dot Cafe either. Homemade by Kitchenette had good cake, but their frosting was cream cheese based (don't like that either).

Okay, I know I'm being very picky, but I thought that I'd try the board and see if you have any suggestions I hadn't thought of. Any opinions on Amy's Bread or Ruthy's? What about Buttercup? Anyone know Make My Cake?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. When I lived in Manhattan, my favorite cakes were from Soutine, on W. 70th. They were lovely and delicious.

    1. I suggested this in another thread recently, but for my daughter's 2nd birthday last October, we got an Elmo cake from Tribeca Treats. It looked and tasted great. Rachel, the owner, is very nice too.

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        Their website looks great. The cake selection sounds good too.

      2. Amy's Bread makes great tasting cakes. But they are homemade looking, I don't know how pretty they can make them for a birthday. I love the Little Pie Compay, but again, the cakes have that simple, from scratch look. Less good, but in the same vein are Buttercup, Magnolia and Billy's (virtually identical). It sounds like what you don't like about the one's you mentioned is European-style meringue buttercream. It tends to be too "buttery" for American palettes. The ones I mentioned above use an American style buttercream which is stiffer (because of the powdered sugar), a lot sweeter, but less unctuous. Stay away from BlackHound too. While I think they are wonderful, you'll find that same "buttery" buttercream. I'm not sure about Ruthy's, but I am guessing they don't use real butter, and instead use a product called Sweetex, which is basically partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening.

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          Thank you - this is really helpful. I didn't realize that the difference was the American vs. European style.

        2. William Greenberg makes delicious cakes and will, for $, do an outrageous decoration - you pick the theme (Madison/70s). Buttercup Bakery make an acceptable cake (2nd Ave 51-52.)

          1. I just ordered one for my 3 year old at Crumbs. . .