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Melt? Lakewood CLE. . .

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Has anyone in the Cleveland area tried this place yet? www.meltbarandgrill.com

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    1. I've eaten there twice. The menu has about 20 different kinds of grilled cheese and not much else. The sandwiches are very thick and hearty. I've tried the Parmageddon (grilled cheese with pierogi inside) and one with mushrooms and onions. Both were very good, but they left me distinctly content not to eat any more cheese for a while.

      1. this place is AWESOME!! not only does it have every grilled cheese combo imaginable, but it also has beers from around the world!!!!!!! highly recommended!!! wish i lived in cleveland - i would definitely be a regular :)

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          I've been there many times. The wait for a table can be long and service can be very slow as the kitchen is pretty small, but the food is delicious. I've never been disappointed. However, the portions are HUGE. One sandwich is enough for 2 meals and they come with fries (fresh cut) and slaw that aren't small portions either. Really good food though, worth the wait, especially for the price.

        2. i havent been, but i have heard nothing but raves. it's on my list for sure.

          nicest of all its a part of helping to revive a really cool neighborhood.

          1. Have been several times for lunch, and always feel like I'm ready to drop into a food coma for the afternoon (which is not a bad thing). The spicy tomato soup is the perfect combination with a grilled cheese sandwich!

            1. You'll need a nap after you eat here, but this place is great. A friend took me here last time I was up in the area. Try the crabcake melt, add bacon to it, and wash it down with a Hoegaarden or a Burning River. Theres something about pork products that goes great with shellfish. Nice slaw and fresh cut fries as well. Real crowded when we got there but we got a round from the bar and only waited about ten or fifteen minutes. Wish they had one in my area.

              1. We have been there once and will definitely go back. I had the imaginative & delicious chorizo & potato while my wife had the Kindergarten, which was great, too. The tomato soup is well worth ordering. There will be a wait, but the beer selection is very diverse and the folks are friendly.

                1. Since this topic was bumped to the top of the board, I thought it would be a good time to add Melt to Chowhound's place database.

                  Melt Bar & Grilled
                  14718 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107