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Cadbury creme eggs - why are they sold out everywhere?

Yes, Cadbury creme eggs are a guilty pleasure. And, apparently, I am not alone because all of the stores are out of them! Does anyone know where I can cure my craving??

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  1. they should be in stock because its that time of the year obviously very popular if you can't find them.

    1. Try a local drug store or even a craft store. I know Joann's is stocking them, Rite-aid and Walgreens have them too. Heck, even 7-11 and Circle K have these right now.

      1. I see them year round at the little English store next door to Tea & Sympathy and A Salt & Battery on Greenwich just below 13th Street.

        1. That's why I freeze them. I am never out of stock.

          But to answer the question, I saw them recently at CVS and ShopRite.

          1. Walgreens have them.

            I filmed at the factory once, and there were vats and vats of the white and yellow fillings and the sweet smell was sick-making. Never eaten once since.

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              They have ORANGE cream ones now. Almost redemptive I should think. :)

            2. I love them too, I bought them over the weekend at Duane Reade (79th and Amsterdam location).

              1. I see them EVERYWHERE!! I've had enough already!

                1. Thanks, everyone. I found some at Rite Aid. The orange creme are yummy, but I'm a purist. :) The freezing idea is a great one except for one thing - I can't stop myself from eating them all at once!!!

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                    You have to bury them in the freezer, way back behind all the stuff you never eat, and then go do something involved and exhausting like clean out a closet to forget about it. Then a few days later, when you're having a really desperate chocolate need, your frozen creme eggs will pop into your head like a miracle from heaven.

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                      On a recent (October) trip to London I discovered Cadbury Creme Egg BARS! They're apparently carrying them all year round over there because people love the filling.

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                        Oh my goodness. This is dangerous information. Now I must ask my relatives for those as well as Guinness Marmite....

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                          I was pretty stunned myself. The first sighting was in a candy machine at the Heathrow Tube station.

                          I'm embarrassed to say that I actually took a picture.

                          I love stocking up on candy when I'm in the U.K. I spent the rest of my trip snacking on them and buying them for myself and others back home.

                          Sadly, they're all gone now...

                    2. Give www.candwarehouse.com a shot ... I saw them on there once ... I think they are sold in bulk ... $48 for 48 ... enjoy ...


                      1. oops that should be candywarehouse.com ... sorry ... and click on easter candy

                        1. Try Target -- I buy enough to feed my daughter's craving there every year.

                          1. Try the Walgreen's on 23rd and Park. I saw tons of them in all different flavors there just a couple of days ago. Good luck! :)

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                              That is very dangerous information... But thanks so much!

                            2. I have noticed that you can buy the creme eggs separately, but I cannot find them in the 3 pack anymore...I have only seen the caramel creme eggs in the 3 packs...its very frustrating and much more pricey this way...does anyone have any info on this?

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                                I bought the creme eggs in the three-pack last week at Target.