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Mar 1, 2007 03:15 PM

Earl's Prime in Bucks County

This restaurant is right on Route 202 in Lahaska. Is it worth a 45 minute drive (I live in central Jersey)? I have seen occasional reference to it on this board but not much discussion about the food, service, prices, etc. There just aren't any really good steak houses near where I live and I would prefer to drive south rather than north (towards NYC).


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  1. I can't speak from personal experience, but a friend of mine went there with her husband to celebrate their anniversary and said it was awful - steaks overcooked, lobster tail small and rubbery. Definitely not worth the money, in her opinion.

    1. Also looking for a reference on Earl's??!!

      We passed it on the way to an OK dinner last Friday at JustEat by BrownGold. We're wondering if Earl's kitchen is up to their NYC steakhouse prices? What's good and what's to be avoided?

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        I would pass on Earls. I have been there twice and spent alot of money on a soso dinner with overpriced food because of the area the restaurant is located.

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          We went to Earl's Prime for my wife's birthday. The place was packed on a weeknight so we took a table in the bar, had specialty drinks (expensive) and bar food. Looking at the regular menu, we decided, for those prices, we would go to center city for steak. Talking about our experience with others the next day, it seemed unanimous from those who had been there that Earl's Prime is overpriced and not worth the money. No one had been there more than once, which says something.

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            My wallet thanks you and lamando for the feedback. I had the same impression when I looked at the online menu yet, rarely see Earl's mentioned in the random "where's the best steaks" or "where to go in NewHope/Bucks Cnty" posts! You wonder how long a place can survive on one-way traffic?

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              Earl's is part of the Peddler's Village destination, so they get a good amount of traffic that way. Come for a non bargain at the outlet mall, and we will reward you with a non bargain at the restaurant as well. The space previously had been I believe Jenny's bistro, and they made it upscale. They also do a lot of business with their conference room upstairs, catering to businesses, especially the pharmaceutical companies that proliferate in the greater Mont Co/Bucks County area. As Barnum said... "There is a sucker born every minute."

        2. Don't waste your gas, time, money. Does Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville have a good steak? I've always had a good experience there. Any one else?

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            I'll probably get blasted for saying this but just save your money and go to the Texas Road House on Street Rd. They have some kind of early bird special where you can get 2 dinners for the price of one. I stopped in after never trying it and was pleasantly surprised. I know it's not Capital Grill, Bar Clay Prime, or the Saloon, but you also will pay 1/3 as much and get more food. The food is better than the other mediocre moderate steak chains (Longhorn, Lonestar, etc.)

            1. re: juice

              Thank you for the head's up on Earl's, it was on our list to try, being one of few places billing themselves as gourmet in Upper Bucks here.

              (Hey, the coach outlet has some bargains, lol!) ;)

              Speaking of Texas Roadhouse, we rarely eat steak out, because we buy a 1/4 or 1/2 beef from a local farm and find the quality unmatched. However, my husband started frequenting them on business trips, and had a lot of good things to say as well. Apparently the price was more than good, too.

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                My coworker went to Earl's 2 Saturdays ago for an 8:30 pm reservation. Upon being presented with the menus, the waiter informed them that they were out of all steaks except the filet.
                That's kind of like going to KFC and being told that they are out of's that happen?

          2. Once again Peddlers Village Just does not get it, spend 2 mil to create a really good looking restaurant and Hire a great GM Mike Conti and try and pass off average beef as prime. They have done to this restaurant as they did to jenny's offer average food and kill you with the price. There are working on there 5th chef in less then 2 years, I have eaten there several times, most where comped meals thank god and have had my lobster undercooked both times, the management of the village are just plain idiots that think well if we change more then everyone else the perception will be the food MUST be better. The Jamison Family really needs to see how fooled they have been with the CEO of there village.

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              "Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap"

              Peddlers Village is nice to go walk around, take people from out of town, but that's about it. You're probably better off going to the kids place for a corndog for something tasty. I would avoid the other Peddler restaurants as well, honestly...I have had two very bad unavoidable family meals since last posting in Jan.

            2. My DH and I had lunch at Earl's last Friday. For lunch, the value is excellent. I had spicy crab soup and a sausage/peppers sandwich.. Both were delicious, in fact, all the dishes coming out looked really good.
              I looked at the dinner menu and agree that the steaks and lamb prices are crazy! $48 for lamb??? WTF?
              The other entrees seemed to be priced in line with normalcy.
              I'd recommend Earl's for lunch.