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Mar 1, 2007 02:58 PM

Harriet's Cheesecakes in Inglewood

anyone have anymore info on this joint? Is it right next door to a Phillip's bbq location. I never got around to trying Harriet's C, but I thought they had closed in the past.

Is the sweet potato cheesecake the thing to get? and by the slice too?

lastly, an address or an exact name?

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  1. Harriet's is at 1515 Centinela Ave, not near Phillips at all; it's in a strip mall. Their cheesecakes are really good, but... They're not necessarily there during their own posted business hours, they almost never answer the phone, you have to keep following up with your order or they might somehow forget about it, etc etc. It was just too much of a pain in the ass.

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      Oh, re your questions, it's Harriet's Cheesecakes Unlimited, I think; can't find their menu at the moment. I don't recall seeing a sweet potato cheesecake on their menu or else I'm sure we would have gotten one. Tried many of their cheesecakes, all excellent. They do sell by the slice, but it's whatever they happen to have when you get there. Haven't ordered from them in awhile, so assuming they're still there.

    2. I'm the one who mentioned having a sweet potato cheesecake. Unfortunately, I left their menu at my friend's place. There were a lot of flavors listed in the menu(40+ I think), but when I went they only had 12 flavors listed on their dry erase board and available by the slice. At the time, 2 flavors were already sold out. As for buying a whole cheesecake she only had 3 flavors available in an 8 inch cake. She also makes 10 inch ones, but they are special order. It's next to Phillips BBQ #2. My complete post is in this thread. It's about midway down on February 17th.

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        wow, i can get my phillip's fix plus sweet potato cheesecake sounds great.

      2. Strange, I did not notice a phillips there. Must have been feeling way too harrassed by that time.