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Mar 1, 2007 02:46 PM

NYC'er in Miami - cuban food for Dad's 64th?

Gonna be in Miami on the 8th and need a place to go out with family for my Pop's bday. We're looking for... you guessed it, great cuban food. Not exactly sure where we're staying just yet so I'd like a few options.

Food is the main goal and fun comes in second. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, as long as it's not a a total hole in the wall, dad is turning 64 after all.

Much thanks!

BTW: A native friend recommended Havana Harry's and Yuca. I see 2 listings for Yuca on citysearch, I think she's refering to the Miami Beach location and I know Harry's is in Coral Gables.

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  1. Yuca is upscale "nuevo" Cuban on Lincoln Road (the Gables location is long gone). I like it, the guava-bbq ribs especially, but it's not a "traditional" Cuban place, instead it's a place that - well, they have guava-bbq ribs, if you know what I mean. That's not even remotely a slight, it just depends what you have in mind.

    Haven't been to Havana Harry's but it does seem to be highly recommended here as well.

    1. I'd recommend Havana Harry's, but it depends where you're staying. It's not onerously far from Miami Beach, but it's not around the corner. The place is built almost built for large parties, as you can imagine when Cuban families go out to dinner it's usually a numerous group. It can get a little loud, but it's more boisterous and fun than obnoxious. Yuca is in South Beach and although I haven't been in a while, it still has a good location. Can't comment on the food though. If you narrow down a location we could give some more specific recs.

      1. Havanna Harry's is a really good suggestion.

        Versailles on Calle Ocho could be fun too. Maybe someone could speak to how their food is lately? I haven't been in awhile.

        I've heard good things about Lario's, but never been there-Ocean Drive on South Beach. It's Gloria Estefan's restaurant, but it may be more about the hype than actual GOOD Cuban food.

        This link might be helpful too:

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          Heather, that Versailles link is for a chain of Cuban restaurants in Los Angeles, not affiliated with the Miami one.

          The 3 Guys from Miami are actually pretty spot-on with's great, parking sucks.

          Re: Lario's, I've had a drink outside, seemed like one of the half-naked party places you see all around SoBe. But others who've been inside say the food's fantastic. I would say, if you're on the beach go to Lario's (and if you want scene) but if you want the Cuban family experience (and Versailles is above all a family restaurant), go to Versailles.

        2. OOPS! Sorry.

          Thanks for posting the 3 guys from Miami link!

          One thing about Larios, I've heard the Mojitos there are awesome!

          1. Lario's is the place on South Beach. You could go to Puerto Sagua, but I wouldn't take my Pop there for his birthday. Another place you might want to consider is Bongos behind the AAA, although that becomes a night club late, which may be cool too if your Pop wants to babaloo into the wee hours? Lario's has two other locations which would serve you well if they're closer to where you're staying and you just want to have dinner. The South Beach Lario's has live bands on the weekends and the Ocean Drive street scene 7 days a week.

            YUCA, is ok. It might be nice if you don't mind parting with the doe...for that I would much rather go to OLA. Which is owned by the original chef from YUCA Douglas Rodriguez. His place rox!