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Mar 1, 2007 02:34 PM


I have driven past this restaurant in Haddon Heights several times and am finally remembering to post. Has anyone eaten at Kunkel's? reccomendations? price point?


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  1. Had dinner there last night for the first time, like you had passed it many times. I thought it was pretty good. Very good steamed clams, didn't leave a drop of broth behind. My fiancee's Salmon au poivre was excellent, my sirloin was mediocre. I asked for rare, received it medium rare and lacking in flavor. Looking forward to Raw Bar Wednesdays.

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    1. re: bd9

      What is raw bar Wednesday - is it a limited happy hour type as at Sansom St. Oyster?

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        They discount all of their raw items - clams and oysters, as well as their peel-em shrimp, shrimp cocktail, crab claws,etc.. It's BYOB, but they have bar seating if you didn't want to sit down for a dinner.

    2. My family ate there last night. Ordered off the special Restaurant Week menu. All four of us had the Maryland Crab SOup and all four agreed it was excellent. We ordered 3 Ceasar Salads and one Garden Salad. All of these again were very fresh. For entrees, 2 had the Roasted Suckling Duck, on had the Marinated Top Sirloin, and one had the Sun Dried Tomato Crusted Wahoo. All were superb. Desserts - 2 Lavendar Creme Brulee and 2 Rasberry Sorbert.

      We had been there probably 3 or 4 times from when they first opened. The food was always above average but the service was an issue. They've worked that all out now. The place was packed last night and although hectic, things were moving. And the food was still above average which says alot.

      Tuesdays are Pasta Night, Raw Bar Wednesdays, and Thursdays they have live jazz.

      If you haven't tried Kunkel's, I'd highly recommend it.

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        My minimal understanding of biology seems to disconnect with FlyerFanX's post.

        What the heck is a "suckling duck?"

        1. re: fpatrick

          Good point - but it is on the menu. I did a Google search and found a few instances where Peking and Suckling Duck seemed to be interchanged.

          I also found one comical post that mentioned Suckling Duck and Grass Fed Trout.

          In any case - the duck was excellent!