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Mar 1, 2007 02:29 PM

Memphis Minnies - ugh!

There seems to be a mixed reaction to Memphis Minnies on here -- I wish I understood the positive reviews.

After reading a bunch of reviews on BBQ in the city on, I figured MM would be the best spot to cure the deep craving for BBQ that had been building inside of me since I moved to the city.

My boyfriend and I each ordered the meal deal (where you get the meat of your choice and two sides). He liked the quality of the meat, even though it was cold. I thought it was worse than the ribs I've had at TGIF (who would've thought that was possible?) ... they were cold, and the sauces looked and tasted like they had been sitting around for months. The side dishes were the worst part of the meal. I had the mac 'n cheese and fries. The only thing I could actually finish were the fries. Ugh!

And to top off the whole experience, the small portions that made up the 2 meals, cost nearly 40$. No where in the South would it ever cost that much for a BBQ meal, especially one of this quality.

As for environment, it was a cold winter night and the front door was left wide open, leaving the food to become even colder than it already was and goose bumps all over our skin.

I don't recommend this place at all!

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  1. Sorry you had a bad meal. Unfortunately, their ribs can be hit or miss. Surprisingly for a restaurant with “Memphis” in the title, their brisket is king. I love their fries and mac & cheese though. Sounds like you probably should have closed the door...

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    1. re: Civil Bear

      The name is not a reference to the style of BBQ - the owner's mom's name was Minnie and she was from Memphis.

      1. re: larochelle

        They claim to do various regional styles: Memphis pulled pork, St. Louis pork ribs, Texas brisket.

        The brisket and pork ribs are pretty darn good when they're hot. I found the sauces and some of the sides too eccentric.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Perhaps I should've ordered the brisket. Sounds like people have enjoyed it there.

          Too bad there's not enough of a desire to even attempt trying another dish at this place.

    2. Brisket ... brisket ... brisket ... MM is only about the briket.

      1. Cold BBQ, jeez. That's disgraceful.

        How $40? The "plates" that come with two sides range from $9 to $15. MM's prices are similar to other BBQ places in SF.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Well, it was closer to 15 for two plates, plus two drinks, and tax = too much for a bad meal.

          Yeah, the prices are similar to other places in SF, but for all BBQ restaurants in the city, it would be nice if the pricing was relative to the quality of food.

          Just living in an ideal state.

        2. I have to concur -- in working my way through Bay Area BBQ, Memphis Minnie's does not rank that highly on my list (preferring Coyote Sam's in Fairfield and Texas Smokehouse BBQ in San Jose). I was very disappointed in MM's sauces and only their collard greens made up for the mediocre meat.

          1. I haven't had the ribs recently, but did takeout a pound each of the brisket and pulled pork recently and both were great. I've had great ribs at MM's in the past; probably should try them again and see if they've changed.