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Mar 1, 2007 02:20 PM

Italian in Chinatown

Anybody remember the name of the last Italian place in LA's new Chinatown. As the Times pointed out a couple of weeks ago, LA's current Chinatown was actually an Italian area before the urban planners nuked the old chinatown and moved it to make way for union station in the 30's. There was one holdout Italian place that lasted until at least the 70's, and I can't remember its name. For all I know it still could be there, but I have not lived in LA for 25 years.

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    1. re: slowrider

      The space currently occupied by Little Joe's is scheduled to become part of a huge mutli-purpose residential/retail/parking complex called Blossom Plaza.

      Now the closest thing to Italian in Chinatown is Eastside Deli on Alpine.

    2. Slowride is correct. Little Joe's was the last Italian hold-out. (((sigh))) I had my first "grown-up" dinner there!

      1. Little Joe's closed down several years ago. There was enough notice for everybody to stop by for a last meal there. The building is still there but the property is set to be redeveloped.

        1. Thanks, that was my first meal at a "real" Italian restaurant, and I had lots of fond rememberances of that place.

          1. Chinatown's current location also used to be the old French section of town. The old Pacific Alliance Medical Center used to be called "French Hospital." There is a statue of Joan of Arc in the front.